Traducción de momentarily en Español:


momentáneamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈməʊm(ə)nt(ə)rɪli//ˌməʊm(ə)nˈtɛrɪli//ˌmoʊmənˈtɛrəli/


  • 1

    por un momento
    • I was getting ready to go call a cab, and paused momentarily to gaze at Gavin.
    • Jane paused momentarily, caught up in shock at both her own mistake and at Mr. Collins's harsh reaction.
    • Under the early afternoon sun, she closed her eyes momentarily in a vain attempt to contain her anguish.
    • She was reversing out of the drive and left the car momentarily, possibly to close the garage, when the thieves struck.
    • He paused there momentarily, wondering if he should just say it and get it over with.
    • A tall, strong, handsome woman, she looks momentarily lost and vulnerable.
    • His words hit me like blow to the stomach, and I was momentarily speechless.
    • I was momentarily distracted by the latest item of spam in my inbox.
    • But the full back momentarily lost his concentration and didn't seize the loose ball.
    • Nevertheless, I was momentarily taken aback by this packaging revelation.
    • It started on Friday mid-morning and stopped momentarily for an hour or two after midnight.
    • The other activities going on behind the desk stopped momentarily and the staff glanced at one another in quiet suspicion.
    • Quicky I grabbed the bag and held it tight hoping to momentarily fill my void.
    • They momentarily suspend the action and draw attention to the writing process behind the story.
    • Let's just hope we've only momentarily lost sight of what really is.
    • He said Mitchell paused only momentarily before crossing the central reservation.
    • It meant that my chores were momentarily forgotten and I was free to roam about with my friends.
    • What I actually saw left me momentarily confused, unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality.
    • The teenager then tried to run outside but had his way momentarily blocked by the bank's automatic doors.
    • And I may have momentarily gone onto two wheels at a couple of roundabouts.
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    de un momento a otro
  • 3

    (by the moment)
    por momentos