Traducción de momentary en Español:


momentáneo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈməʊm(ə)nt(ə)ri//ˈmoʊmənˌtɛri/


  • 1

    (glimpse/feeling) momentáneo
    (glimpse/feeling) pasajero
    there was a momentary panic hubo un momento de pánico
    • France takes the idea of passion being a mediating factor further, like momentary madness.
    • All drivers have momentary lapses and if that is a crime then we are all criminals.
    • Both the question and the response caused a momentary hush in the crowd.
    • Any one person can win the game, his unfortunate momentary rival getting the blame for the inverse loss.
    • What took place was a momentary loss of temper and he struck out in anger.
    • Occasionally he tapped the ash, a momentary pause in the almost mechanical rhythm of the smoking.
    • The sense of relief is momentary as further scrutiny reveals the cracks in the economy.
    • She needed to know that it was just a momentary lapse in judgement and that she was his only love.
    • It may have been due to her diabetes or a momentary lapse of concentration that she drifted across the road.
    • Either it slipped my mind that I was, in fact, 19, or I'd suffered momentary aphasia.
    • In any event, she was charming in the face of my momentary lapse in speech.
    • But despite the momentary release, it doesn't solve the problem, and may compound it.
    • I had a momentary insight into the fragility and mortality of mankind.
    • A father watching his daughter comb her brother's hair experiences a momentary pang of pure happiness.
    • He thought it was a momentary loss of concentration by the car driver who he expected to correct the manoeuvre.
    • A momentary drop in concentration and Schuettler was two breaks down and the set had slipped away from him.
    • The attack helicopter's appearance did cause a momentary pause in the battle.
    • There are a couple of brief gaps in the print causing very slight and momentary jumps within a scene.
    • She took advantage of his momentary weakness to drive her elbows into his stomach.
    • The distant clatter of a milk van revives a long-lost, though momentary, reverie.