Traducción de monarchy en Español:


monarquía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɑnˌɑrki//ˈmɒnəki//ˈmɑnərki/


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    monarquía femenino
    • The history of the world is a history of systems: monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, what you will.
    • It acknowledges darkness, as well as the historic bookends of oppressive monarchy and violent fascism.
    • The rebels are spearheading a violent campaign to set up a republican state by abolishing constitutional monarchy in Nepal.
    • Of course even such symbolic discrimination is wrong, but monarchy is by definition a rejection of social equality.
    • Discussions about republican Rome were also at that time a way of masking criticisms of monarchy, in a society where open criticism was impossible.
    • A universal franchise and limited government are better than monarchy or tyranny.
    • A new constitution was promulgated restoring constitutional monarchy.
    • The Spartan constitution was mixed, containing elements of monarchy, oligarchy and democracy.
    • Can people move directly from a clan-based system to democracy, skipping monarchy and feudalism?
    • The Second Empire almost solved the problem of reconciling monarchy and democracy - but not quite, and not in time.
    • It did not depend on the formal characteristics of the state - monarchy or republic, constitutional or authoritarian.
    • Much of what Australian republicans sought was achieved under constitutional monarchy.
    • Khan said a large number of people in Nepal said the king's recent action was not in keeping with constitutional monarchy.
    • Aristotle produced a complex taxonomy of constitutions, the three main types of which are monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy.
    • The snobbery and hatred of meritocracy that have been revealed this week are simply inevitable further by-products of monarchy.
    • You can see that the resulting difference in the constitution may be enormous: anywhere from social democracy to absolute monarchy.
    • His reign marked a significant advance from personal monarchy towards the bureaucratised state of the future.
    • The first one I have put up is a rather whimsical article by an American journalist on why constitutional monarchy is the best form of government.
    • He ridiculed the very idea of monarchy and turned the political debate in a decisively republican direction.
    • It was supposed to be about ideology and heroism, but in reality, it was just a new brand of monarchy.