Traducción de Monday en Español:


lunes, n.

Pronunciación /ˈməndi//ˈmʌndeɪ//ˈmʌndi//ˈməndeɪ/


  • 1

    lunes masculino
    it's Monday today, today's Monday (hoy) es lunes
    • he went on Monday se fue el lunes
    • I saw him last Monday lo vi el lunes pasado
    • we'll start on Monday empezaremos el lunes
    • I'll do it next Monday lo haré el próximo lunes / el lunes que viene
    • I get up early (on) Mondays / (British) on a Monday los lunes me levanto temprano
    • I got the reply on a/the Monday la respuesta me llegó un/el lunes
    • she will be away that Monday ese lunes estará fuera
    • every Monday todos los lunes
    • every second Monday cada dos lunes
    • we meet on the third Monday of the month nos reunimos el tercer lunes de cada mes
    • the Monday after next el lunes que viene no, el siguiente / el otro
    • the Monday before last el lunes pasado no, el anterior
    • Monday, July 3 lunes 3 de julio
    • Monday's paper el periódico del lunes
    • before noun Monday afternoon/morning el lunes por la tarde/mañana
    • I've got that Monday morning feeling estoy como todos los lunes por la mañana, sin ganas de trabajar
    • It was not much of a day, either, a dull Monday morning but at least it wasn't raining.
    • He carefully limped into work on the Monday morning and deliberately slipped on the oil.
    • All three occupants of the Astor residence had a late start to their Monday morning.
    • So, on Monday evening it began to snow, and by Tuesday there were a couple of inches.
    • When they took the register on Monday morning, there were a number of notable absences.
    • The next day she learned she would be suspended the following Monday, for one day.
    • On Monday, he announced that his firm would go public with a flotation next year.
    • I have seen him walk away from the manager's job only for him to still be there on the Monday morning.
    • Back at the factories, the Monday morning after a win is always something special.
    • During school term time, the farm is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    • Imagine, life with no boring Sundays or dreary Mondays.
    • I started the work at half ten on Sunday night and finished at one on Monday morning.
    • The show's transfer to Sunday from its Monday night slot is a testimony to its success.
    • The lake digger was also due on the following Monday to dig two canal lakes and another lake.
    • On Monday, the service will be handing out leaflets showing people how they can help.
    • On the Monday morning I went to the bank to pay the money in, and realised that it was not in my purse or my bag.
    • He and the other man were alone in the gallery in the middle of a sunny Monday morning.
    • Philippa returned to hospital on Monday of last week and she died on Wednesday morning.
    • By Monday morning four or five families had still not been able to move back into their homes.
    • The sun was shining early on Monday morning so we decided to take Lucy for a walk over the road.