Traducción de money en Español:


dinero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈməni//ˈmʌni/

nombrePlural monies

  • 1

    (dinero) dinero masculino
    (dinero) lana femenino América Latina coloquial
    (dinero) plata femenino América del Sur coloquial
    (dinero) pasta femenino España coloquial
    (currency) moneda femenino
    (currency) dinero masculino
    I'll have to change some money tendré que cambiar dinero
    • I didn't have any Mexican money no tenía moneda mexicana / dinero mexicano
    • money in circulation dinero circulante
    • for that money I would expect more por ese precio / dinero yo esperaría más
    • satisfaction guaranteed or your money back si no queda satisfecho, le devolvemos el dinero
    • it cost $300, but it was worth the money costó 300 dólares, pero valió la pena
    • what's the money like where you work? ¿qué tal pagan donde trabajas?
    • there's money in secondhand books los libros de segunda mano son un buen negocio
    • to come into money heredar dinero
    • to lose money perder dinero
    • how much money does he make a month? ¿cuánto gana / saca por mes?
    • they make money out of other people's misfortunes hacen dinero de la desgracia ajena
    • their European operation is making a lot of money su operación europea está dando mucho / produciendo grandes beneficios
    • she made her money by playing the stock market hizo dinero especulando en la bolsa
    • to throw money around/away despilfarrar/tirar el dinero
    • money isn't everything el dinero no hace la felicidad
    • that's something money can't buy eso es algo que no se puede comprar (con dinero)
    • your money or your life la bolsa o la vida
    • to spend money like water gastar dinero como si fuera agua
    • before noun money economy economía monetaria
    • The shoemaker in turn can exchange the money for goods and services he requires.
    • We can borrow money from the European pool of savings at no incremental cost to ourselves.
    • They are in the business of lending money and the more money they lend the more profit they make.
    • Many money people are wasting money that they could be using to save for their retirement.
    • By the end of next year, they will have saved enough rent money for a deposit on a second house.
    • In essence such a program involves the central bank injecting more money into the economy.
    • Well why not donate the money you were going to spend on those shoes to a charity.
    • Any attempt by banks to suggest that credit cards are not used to borrow money is untrue.
    • If I had the money, I'd buy her a van to let her get around and do the things she likes to do.
    • Councillors feel it would not be an appropriate use of council tax payers' money.
    • You may need to be careful you don't lose money if there is a transfer between currencies.
    • This hasn't been a good year to be earning money in dollars and reporting profits in sterling.
    • You have borrowed some money and splashed out on anything from home improvements to a holiday.
    • This allows you to deposit a sum of money for a fixed period of time at an agreed level of interest.
    • He said the money from the land tax will be used for land reform, a contentious issue in the country.
    • It is a sample taken from one state agency to remind taxpayers how their money is spent.
    • People who are at the edge and trying to borrow money will defer the purchase of a home.
    • They are forced to take in three roomers who pay money in exchange for room and board.
    • Use a debit card such as Laser which allows you to draw from money in your current account.
    • It is so much easier to use a foreign cash point to get money in the local currency as and when you need it.
  • 2monies" or "moneys plural

    Finanzas Derecho
    sumas de dinero femenino
    • I am not for turning all Social Security moneys over to the private sector.
    • The moneys of this fund are to be paid in accordance with instructions handed down by the transitional government.
    • They could be moved back with the assistance of a fund comprised of moneys deducted from U.S. loan guarantees.
    • A blend of user fees, grants and existing moneys should be used to fund this development.
    • Any order for payment of moneys on account of damages made hereunder may be enforced as a judgment of the court.