Traducción de money market en Español:

money market

mercado monetario, n.


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    mercado monetario masculino
    • That said, most funds adopt a specific investment philosophy that relates to a particular money market instrument.
    • You can stash your IRA contribution in a money market fund and decide how to invest it later, Carney says.
    • Current money market rates are regularly quoted in the financial press.
    • A typical money market fund will invest in fixed deposits, other high income earning securities and to a lesser extent in bonds.
    • International money market managers and investment banks went on a lending binge from 1993 to 1996.
    • Rates on bank CDs and money market mutual funds, which follow short-term interest rates, fell, too.
    • A money market fund's net asset value is also determined at the end of each day.
    • In general, as long as the bonds earn more than a money market rate - plus expenses - the funds can best the index.
    • The Reserve Bank is a regulatory body, not a money market dealer.
    • The cash rate is the interest rate which applies to trading between financial institutions on the overnight money market.
    • Consequently, this will reinforce the lowering of the interest rate in the money market by the central bank.
    • It will also infuriate the rating agencies like nothing else, and, of course if would spoil all the fun for the money market speculators.
    • You pick up an extra point of yield switching from a money-market fund to a short-term bond fund.
    • If that level ever equals zero, put all your assets in a Treasury money market fund and sleep well.
    • Think of the dividend yield just like the yield on your money market account or CD.
    • This is seen as a move by the central bank to control the money market and excess speculative activity in the forex market.
    • The money market earns higher interest rates than their savings bank and credit union accounts.
    • It is never a bad idea to keep a portion of your invested assets in cash, or short-term money-market securities.
    • The major money market mutual funds also deserve consideration as a possible crisis shelter for funds.
    • Deciding how to choose the right stock, mutual fund, or even a money market account is also a challenge.