Traducción de moneymaker en Español:


negocio muy lucrativo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈməniˌmeɪkər//ˈmʌnɪmeɪkə/


  • 1

    (business) negocio muy lucrativo masculino
    (business) negocio muy rentable masculino
    (product) producto de gran venta masculino
    (investment) inversión muy productiva femenino
    (investment) inversión muy lucrativa femenino
    • The new system may not be a huge moneymaker for the district, but it will save time and money.
    • On last year's list of big moneymakers, PG movies held five of the top 10 spots, which I guess is kind of unusual.
    • The so-called ‘big-time’ programs which emphasize either football or men's basketball are potentially huge moneymakers.
    • He is so tied up with his own problems, in a fast-changing, competitive business, that he has no time for his musicians as anything but potential moneymakers.
    • The more affluent clients, especially if they use Merrill for other services in addition to brokerage, are moneymakers for the firm.
    • Newspapers were risky as business enterprises, fledgling moneymakers, but, like most small businesses, it was the start-up costs that could prove to be disastrous.
    • I'd like to see a major studio take its slate down to 8 films a year… and have 6 significant moneymakers.
    • Unfortunately developing countries lagged behind, with drugs becoming politicized and easy moneymakers by immoral officials.
    • ‘Revenue-wise,’ says an official with the telecom's cable channel, ‘it's one of our biggest moneymakers.’
    • Even the smaller NASCAR series are consistent moneymakers.
    • Such stamps are moneymakers for the Postal Service.
    • He says he's in no hurry to turn his Chinese operation into a moneymaker.
    • It's not surprising that books on infant sleep are top moneymakers for publishers - in early infancy, every baby wakes in the night, so every parent will want such books.
    • The biggest moneymakers in any organization are always the people who know how to be different.
    • There, he showcased an ability to succeed where others had failed, turning a money-losing unit into a moneymaker after only one year.
    • Anytime you can offer her a product that will allow her to protect herself and her valuables is sure to be a moneymaker for your store.
    • Republicans say it is a moneymaker because it prompts property sales that would not have occurred otherwise.
    • In most countries, major moneymakers and head offices for large companies are found in populous areas - especially in or near the capital.
    • Banking and stock trading have the potential to be big moneymakers if someone can migrate users to the wireless Web.
    • That rarely happens, however, and the book should be looked at as a long-term investment rather than a direct moneymaker.