Traducción de monkey wrench en Español:

monkey wrench

llave inglesa, n.


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    llave inglesa femenino
    • He went for his victim with a monkey wrench, and was only stopped when a passing van driver saw what was happening.
    • Two masked men dragged the insurance broker from his car and battered him on the head with a monkey wrench in an attempt to steal his car.
    • It wasn't a monkey wrench like the cops thought, but in fact it was a gasfitter's wrench and it was that long.
    • They taught me how to work the wrench, the monkey wrench, so I kind of had to do a bit of training, to be honest with you.
    • Your great-Uncle Jack, inventor of the left-handed monkey wrench, left you $250,000.
    • Last, but not least, what tool kit is not complete without a monkey wrench.
    • In July, three masked robbers threatened security guards with a monkey wrench and a shotgun before stealing cash from the bank.
    • He hid there while the other man used a monkey wrench to smash his car windows, causing £2,500 damage, before getting back into his car and driving off at speed.
    • Ben turned just in time to get a monkey wrench to the head.
    • ‘Maybe,’ replied Adam, with a loud grunt as he turned the monkey wrench one last time.
    • They smashed the passenger window with a monkey wrench, hit the 53-year-old driver on the arm and grabbed the parcels from the back of the van.
    • Called a bobbejaan spanner in this country, it's referred to as a monkey wrench in other parts of the English-speaking world.
    • If you ask that one more time, I will have to bludgeon you with a monkey wrench.
    • Today he described how he tried to fight off the carjackers as they battered him with a monkey wrench.
    • Consider a multi-wrench for those all-purpose jobs, but also add a pipe wrench, a spud wrench, strap and chain wrench, and a monkey wrench.
    • Then he turned back to his motorcycle, while I wiped away my tears and retrieved his monkey wrench.
    • The constable paused to grab a heavy monkey wrench and he put it back down and pulled out the far shorter regulation truncheon.
    • Our first mistake inside the roof was to drop the monkey wrench.