Traducción de monogamy en Español:


monogamía, n.

Pronunciación /məˈnɒɡəmi//məˈnɑɡəmi/


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    monogamía femenino
    • Basically, Hinduism teaches monogamy, which is marriage to one person at a time.
    • Doreen says culturally and economically, she has proved that polygamy more than monogamy, compartmentalises women into the class of minors.
    • Women, too, often preferred polygyny to monogamy (one man and one woman); they often helped their husbands find younger wives.
    • He notes that monogamy is the only marriage form truly compatible with the equality of men and women.
    • Sociobiologists would say marriage pattern - whether a society allows polygynous and monogamous marriage, or only monogamy.
    • Through these characters, the film explores the three generations of the Dzuguda: from polygamy to monogamy and then to the dilemmas of cohabitation.
    • Where fixed property became the chief form of livelihood, monogamy, rather than polygamy, came to predominate due to the need to limit heirs and to discourage divorce.
    • Slovaks practice monogamy, and individuals have free choice in the selection of marriage partners.
    • Serial monogamy is a common marriage pattern and polygyny is practised by a few.
    • Most contemporary Mormons oppose same-sex marriage, and they're also committed to monogamy.
    • Senegal's 1973 family code obligates grooms to register their intentions at the time of the first marriage - opting for monogamy, limited polygamy with two wives, or full polygamy.
    • My polygamist tendencies wouldn't jive with your inclination for monogamy.
    • Although there are polygynous marriages in some Oriente ethnic groups, monogamy is the norm.
    • Polygyny is legal, and couples have the option of choosing between monogamy and polygyny when they enter into a civil marriage (although this is not necessarily binding).
    • Is a cultural preference for monogamy over polygamy, even when expressed in conduct, more than a matter of opinion?
    • Up to now, with all the changes in marriage, the one thing we've been sure of is that marriage means monogamy.
    • Traditionally, powerful leading men might marry polygynously, although after missionization, monogamy became the norm.
    • It's an interesting take on monogamy, or polygamy, actually.
    • Depending on personal experience, you'll be more prone to monogamy or polygamy.
    • A family is characterized by the principles of care for all children, faithful monogamy and equal regard between husband and wife.