Traducción de Monopoly money en Español:

Monopoly money

dinero de mentira, n.


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    dinero de mentira masculino
    • You'd think they would have blown some tax dollars doing some kind of marketing blitz warning the American public that this Monopoly money is real…
    • ‘Many people see trade dollars as Monopoly money,’ he says.
    • I want to remind those who want to spend Monopoly money on horses that the value of their investments can go down as well as up.
    • That is crazy money for even a couple with both people working - it is Monopoly money because it is not within the average person's reach.
    • Unemployment is widespread, inflation has turned the Zimbabwean dollar into Monopoly money, the exchequer is bare and foreign aid is being cut.
    • Give it to me in the Queen's sterling for now if you can, I'll get used to that Brussels Monopoly money in good time!
    • To be fair, they did point out that the business school was built with dodgy arms-deal money, or Monopoly money, or something.