Traducción de monosyllabic en Español:


monosilábico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmɑnəsəˈlæbɪk//ˌmɒnə(ʊ)sɪˈlabɪk/


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    (word) monosilábico
    • Well, that's great, I told myself, I managed to squeeze about seven monosyllabic words into that lovely conversation.
    • This involves the names of social groups that are derived from monosyllabic adjectives, like black and gay.
    • Both monosyllabic and polysyllabic words representing closed, silent-e, and vowel digraph or diphthong syllable patterns are presented.
    • Sanskrit is built in such a way that virtually every word in the language can be derived from a root, a monosyllabic sound unit having a general significance in the sphere of action.
    • As they continue to develop, children learn to segment polysyllabic words into syllables as they approach kindergarten age and monosyllabic words into phonemes around first grade.
    • The first two lines, containing only monosyllabic words, mix a sing-song dimeter with a grim subject matter.
    • Most who spoke (and many offered only monosyllabic answers), claimed they intended to change their ways or had learned their lesson.
    • He tried multiple times to draw me into a conversation but I only responded with monosyllabic answers.
    • As you know he had a stroke in 1985 and lost the ability to speak, apart from a few dozen monosyllabic words like yes and no, and other basic simple things.
    • I think I'll stick to monosyllabic and disyllabic words today.
    • Why are there so many syllables in the word monosyllabic?
    • Sino-Tibetan languages are distinguished from western language families by two main traits: isolating or monosyllabic characters and the use of tones.
    • A movie theatre concession girl, Debbie, meets the store clerk at a laundromat and tries to make awkward, one-sided, monosyllabic conversation.
    • The opening couplet divides ten monosyllabic words evenly between two lines.
    • Chinese is a monosyllabic language, where a single sound represents one word.
    • Jo answered, spitting out each monosyllabic word.
    • Chinese is monosyllabic, Japanese is polysyllabic; Japanese verbs, adjectives and adverbs inflect, whereas they don't in Chinese.
    • He answered her questions with monosyllabic responses.
    • Like other languages of the Sino-Tibetan group, Burmese is monosyllabic.
    • We listed a few words that we claimed were just exceptions to the claim that monosyllabic adjectives inflect, and we included wrong on that list.
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    (reply) lacónico
    (reply) monosilábico
    (person) lacónico
    (person) que habla con monosílabos
    • Our monosyllabic waiter briefly sprung into life when it came to choosing from the wine list.
    • On examination, he was anxious, diaphoretic, and monosyllabic.
    • I would have sensed if there had been any anxiety, but it was only the night before the race that he began to be monosyllabic.
    • ‘So he's what's made you so monosyllabic,’ she commented.
    • Georges' wife, who works for a successful editor, is concerned: not least for their monosyllabic son, Pierrot, a young swimming champ.
    • Having inspected the larder, Mary decided to prepare a steak pudding and when Bertha's monosyllabic husband, Davy, took a second helping her fate was sealed.
    • This is a book of footballers when they were stars and not the monosyllabic, monotone ‘celebrities’ that exist today
    • She shifted her weight and looked at the ceiling. ‘Well, for one I guess I could try and not be completely closed off and monosyllabic.
    • In Mexico City, where kidnapping occurs more frequently than in Iraq, security for the rich is essential and so the monosyllabic Creasy is hired as a bodyguard for eight-year-old Pita (Fanning).
    • It used to be that whenever I called such places, I would be greeted by people who sounded like monosyllabic, grumpy teenagers.
    • By contrast, this character is a Latino version of Hawk, the darkly menacing, monosyllabic backup man he created for his Spenser detective series.
    • He's very monosyllabic, and could put to sleep an over stimulated mule.
    • Surly, monosyllabic drivers aside, it's a minor miracle if the bus actually rolls up at all!
    • ‘You're usually not so monosyllabic,’ she told me earnestly as we walked.
    • He is permanently monosyllabic unless the subject happens to be narrow-gauge North American railways, and he never uses a word where a silent, dismissive glare would do.
    • He's dead certain and often nearly monosyllabic.
    • So I eventually called up the helpline, and the monosyllabic customer advisor at the end of the phone informed me that there was indeed a delay.
    • The end result can sometimes resemble a conversation between two monosyllabic adolescents.
    • I am a monosyllabic girl every time I'm near him.
    • He's also under the impression that the word ‘dis’ evolved because ‘we are increasingly monosyllabic.’