Traducción de montage en Español:


montaje, n.

Pronunciación /mɒnˈtɑːʒ//ˈmɒntɑːʒ//mɑnˈtɑʒ/


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    montaje masculino
    • This was done after shooting the whole film and montage sequences.
    • The montage style allows the filmmakers to ‘free up’ a lot of the material, removing its current meaning while suggesting another.
    • By the end of this montage sequence, they're sitting next to one another, sharing a plate of snack food.
    • She learned how to montage films - editing together different camera shots for effect.
    • The opening montage sequence has also been suitably celebrated.
    • The video quality suffers greatly from this montage approach to the presentation.
    • So he jazzed up the movie with rapid fire, machinegun edits and one confusing montage after another that completely throw off any sense of continuity.
    • The wonderfully constructed opening montage sequence, consisting of flashback action coupled with newspaper headlines and photographs, emphasises the centrality of Daisy's kidnapping to the plot.
    • The snappy editing, rapid montage sequences and throbbing soundtrack give the film tremendous pace in its early stages and that is matched by some funny moments.
    • His technique of film montage involved juxtaposing two opposing images so that a new third image was created in the viewers' imagination.
    • The film is poetic in tone and features a number of image and sound montage sequences.
    • There are some very well-done montage sequences and some honestly insightful cuts, but they are drowned in a flood of meaningless and unmotivated shots and scenes.
    • In each case, the town and the barefaced cliffs behind which the irradiated children survive are linked together through montage, drawing out an all-encompassing atmosphere of inhibition and isolation.
    • It was celebrated for its numerous advances in filmmaking technique, crafting a style of montage that would become the norm for the coming century of cinema.
    • It is montage alone that separates and makes cinema stand out above all the other art forms.