Traducción de moody en Español:


de mal humor, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmuːdi//ˈmudi/

adjetivomoodiest, moodier

  • 1

    (irritable, sulky) de mal humor
    (irritable, sulky) malhumorado
    (gloomy) deprimido
    (gloomy) taciturno
    his mean and moody looks won him many fans con su aire duro y taciturno se ganó muchos admiradores
    • Ruth is always moody when she's cleaning, it make me wonder why she took this job in the first place.
    • I can be extremely moody when in close contact with one other person.
    • We tend to fuss and complain about it, we are moody and irritable: it can get scary even for us.
    • She says that she is very moody and goes from laughing to swearing in seconds.
    • The smell in the wards and the moody patients made him keep his distance and caused him to lose his appetite for lunch.
    • He also didn't seem paralysed, and while he was oddly moody in his last weeks, nothing seemed physically wrong.
    • She was moody and grumpy while her parents made their best efforts to be cheerful.
    • They bend backwards to please guests some of whom are very grumpy, moody and complain about anything.
    • He was moody lately but somehow he just could not shrug off the black cloud that was hovering over him.
    • For the next two days she was moody and irritable, and each night she drank herself to sleep.
    • He can be quite moody - a lot of people are very loyal to him but a lot of other people found him very frustrating.
    • It was probably either a misunderstanding or she was moody for another, unrelated reason.
    • I love her, but at the moment she's moody, distant and unreachable.
    • The Christmas season was upon us and all I had was my disowned sister and moody boyfriend.
    • Come to think of it, she was extra moody yesterday after she came back from lunch with Casey!
    • He's really not a bad catch at all, she thought, but of course, he's moody and mean too.
    • He was miserable and moody, frustrated and just plain rude, insulting anyone who gave him the slightest reason.
    • Rewinding to the beginning of her own story, we find an averagely moody teenager not doing well at school.
    • I didn't know why I was so moody and inclined to anger towards Will, but I couldn't help it.
    • She's childish, sullen, moody and volatile, prone to outbursts of jealousy, weeping, rage and laughter.
  • 2

    (person) temperamental
    (person) de humor cambiante