Traducción de moon shot en Español:

moon shot


Pronunciación /ˈmun ˌʃɑt/


  • 1

    lanzamiento de una nave espacial a la luna
    • The lighting was dim, like any other bar, and there were old nostalgic pictures of moon shots and moonwalks everywhere.
    • As you may recall, the Gemini capsules were intended to circle the earth a bunch of times with two astronauts on board - as a prequel to a moon shot.
    • In 1970 I published an article on the Apollo moon shot in which I compared the television presentation of that occasion to the airing of a sporting event.
    • She basically describes a situation where many engineers and scientists who have been at the cutting edge for us all these years, were inspired to go into science and engineering by President Kennedy and the moon shot.
    • It's a complicated vehicle - 2500 parts and more computing power than the first moon shot.
    • And then we complain about the dullness, and invent excitements that are the kind we really like: moon shots, spaceships, curing diseases.
    • When he died, a former student, a leading planetary scientist, arranged for his ashes to be placed on board a moon shot.
    • We now have chips that cram vastly more processing power in little laptops than was available - total - to NASA at the time of the first moon shot.
    • Anything great in this world has been accomplished through teamwork: the moon shot, the Internet, civil rights.