Traducción de mop en Español:


trapeador, n.

Pronunciación /mɑp//mɒp/


  • 1

    (for floor)
    trapeador masculino América Latina
    fregona femenino España
    mopa femenino España
    • For a full minute, the only sound was the swish of the mop against the tiled floor.
    • When you wash your floors, use two sponge mops - one to clean the first time, the other to rinse.
    • One way of removing built up floor wax manually, is to mix detergent and ammonia with water and apply to the floor with a mop or sponge.
    • And surfaces dry much quicker than when they are swabbed down with wet mops, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
    • I stopped in the kitchen and spread some water in the center of the floor, pushing it around with my mop.
    • The woman went into the kitchen and got a mop and bucket out of a cabinet.
    • Rinse again with a clean mop and just plain cool water.
    • I simply took the mop and bucket and started to clean up the mess without a word.
    • She'd left armed with two powdered cleansers, three different liquids, a spray, and assorted brushes, sponges, buckets, and mops.
    • Vacuum after each sanding, and then go over the floor with a damp mop to remove all the dust.
    • Mop the floor with cleaner, squeeze the mop as dry as possible, then use the clear rinse water
    • I jump back into reality, dipping my mop again and swirling the water around on the dirty floor.
    • First use the duster, then use a wet mop to wipe the floor.
    • Wash with clear water, a mild detergent, and a clean mop.
    • Sara got a mop out of the hall closet and began to clean up the water.
    • Use a mop or sponge with warm water and a general all-purpose cleaner.
    • Use a second cloth or a dry mop to wipe the floor dry.
    • I stomp into the house in my muddy boots without considering that my mother will have to fetch a mop and bucket and clean up after me.
    • She grabbed the mop and bucket and swabbed down the deck in record time, determined to be the best pirate of all time.
    • She quickly mopped the floor, went downstairs to put the mop back in the kitchen, and head upstairs to her room.
  • 2Britanico

    to give the floor a mop trapear el suelo América Latina
  • 3

    mop of hair pelambre femenino

verbo transitivomopping, mopped

  • 1

    (room/floor) limpiar
    (room/floor) trapear América Latina
    (room/floor) pasarle la fregona a España
    (room/floor) pasarle la mopa a España
    to mop one's brow secarse la frente
    • They seem to do little all day other than to mop the changing room floors, pin yet more bits of paper to the notice board and sit by the pool side toying with the red ribbons tied to their whistles.
    • Once I had wrung my clothes out, mopped the walls and soaked up as much as I could from the carpet it didn't look too bad…
    • Robyn took a deep breath and then slowly continued on her present mission in retrieving the rouge mop which she immediately returned to the janitor who politely thanked her and began mopping the place he had just been scrubbing.
    • After filling the drinking water, I had to wash utensils, wash two buckets of clothes, sweep and mop the entire house.
    • When cooked, leave to stand for 15 minutes to cool a little, then serve in bowls with boiled or mashed potatoes, for mopping up the juices.
    • So I spent the next half hour mopping the kitchen floor.
    • I had to mop the marble lobby floors that morning, and got right to work, hoping that I would not have to see Tom.
    • The women at baby group were talking about how they mopped their kitchen floors daily.
    • A cleaner mopped the floor of the place I was staying in Greece.
    • She swept and mopped the living room, and then knocked on the bedroom door.
    • During his four-month stay in the hospital, he claimed cleaners failed to mop floors and clean basins and furniture.
    • You can use all that exercise after walking to and from work, emptying the trash, washing the giant picture windows, and mopping the dining room.
    • He mopped himself up and then burst into tears again.
    • She simply walked up and down the floor silently, then picked up a cloth and mopped the blood from the floor.
    • An elderly man who had been mopping around the counter looked up from his tedious chore and smiled at whoever had walked in.
    • Laundry is done, windows are washed, refrigerator clean, pantry stocked, linens washed, floors mopped, shower scrubbed, and fresh flowers on the table.
    • Contract cleaners offer a very efficient service and will do a lot more than empty the trash cans and sweep and mop the floor.
    • Two men busily scrubbed dingy, white plastic chairs, while another mopped soapy water off the tiled floor.
    • I even break off some thick crusty white bread and mop up the excess olive oil.
    • Startled, Andrew looked up at the clock and realized he had spent forty minutes sweeping and mopping, and he had been mopping the same spot for the past ten minutes.