Traducción de moppet en Español:


angelito, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɑpət//ˈmɒpɪt/



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    angelito masculino coloquial
    • There's lush scenery and misty-eyed period detail plus, vitally, some cute kids - a pair of adorable little moppets who are intrigued by a mysterious room which may hold the secret to the death of their father.
    • This was the Golden Age of sports, and McMahon was exposed to it all as an Irish moppet, wide-eyed by it all in the excitement of smoke-filled arenas.
    • He's presented as a saint, from his easy rapport with his students to his loving but pragmatic relationship with his wife, Lorri, and fatherly affection for his adorable moppet kids.
    • Several urchins are gathered in a suburban backyard, when another moppet runs up to the group and announces breathlessly: ‘Mom is making rich, hot chocolate!’
    • ‘Let's put it this way… if dad could buy the universe for her, he probably would, just to make his moppet happy,’ Michael replied with contempt.
    • This time last year you were still the curly-haired moppet from a band.
    • The students are adorable, with just enough backbone to keep from melting into icky Hollywood moppets.
    • Set in the prestigious New York Ballet School, the film follows a group of eager young moppets who make the grade to get into the academy.