Traducción de moral support en Español:

moral support

apoyo moral, n.


  • 1

    apoyo moral masculino
    • The activists need, at least, moral support and encouragement to proceed.
    • The units introduce a range of measures to provide practical help and moral support to victims of crime as well as witnesses.
    • The work is too heavy for me but I gave moral support.
    • Family friend and singer Neil Scott has helped Rebecca on her way to stardom, giving her vocal coaching and moral support.
    • Also a special word of thanks to all those parents who offered transport and moral support to the team.
    • A large crowd turned up on the river bank to lend moral support and the entire event took less than half an hour.
    • A number of villagers had gathered outside their house to lend moral support to the distressed family.
    • It was good to get out of the flat, get a few beers in, read the paper and get some moral support from people.
    • Your family and friends can offer moral support and help you keep on track with healthier habits.
    • We meet monthly when members not only listen to visiting speakers, but also have a chance to talk to each other and gain moral support.
    • I met some really nice people who gave me a lot of moral support.
    • At some stage, one needs the company and moral support of a life partner.
    • Children with such disabilities are given moral support by their parents.
    • Do they get any moral support from those who should have been caring for their well-being in the first place?
    • He claimed that even moral support was severely lacking from the government, not to mention financial backing.
    • Both Harry and Dolly came to sit with us, not frightened, you understand, simply lending us their moral support in case we were fearful.
    • So I was a bit apprehensive about this, and roped in Jim to come with me for moral support.
    • They are sometimes joined by their friends and families, calling to lend moral support.
    • Anyone can stop by for a cup of tea or conversation, while those in need can receive moral support or even food from the centre's food bank.
    • In these cases the grandmother often gives financial help as well as moral support.