Traducción de morality en Español:


moralidad, n.

Pronunciación /məˈralɪti//məˈrælədi/

nombrePlural moralities

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    moralidad femenino
    moral femenino
    ética femenino
    • For Aquinas the norms of morality are defined in terms of their relationship to human happiness.
    • In principle this remarkably comprehensive scheme allows no ultimate distinction between religion and morality, law and ethics.
    • The author's approach is inspired by concepts of morality and reason as well as faith, but they are remote from the kind of applied fanaticism that goes with the psychology of terrorism.
    • As has been mentioned previously, morality is fundamentally concerned with the effects of actions on other people.
    • Government is not a good source for teaching ethics, morality or social behavior.
    • Maybe the fine distinctions between ethics and morality should be simplified.
    • The message spoken in this election reflects a nation less concerned with morality and compassion than past generations, and far more content to wallow in its bigotry and jingoism.
    • The Church's view that there could be no morality without religion was rejected.
    • As I have been suggesting, the distinction between law and morality has certain implications for its subject.
    • In fact, such ethics, as well as the morality that underlies them, are nothing more than man-made myth to the atheist.
    • The background thought is then that morality is concerned with the production and fair distribution of human good.
    • Utilitarianism in moral philosophy is the view that morality should be aimed at promoting wellbeing.
    • You talk about ethics or morality or quality of life.
    • Does our intuition in favour of meaningful commitments violate the idea that morality concerns consequences?
    • People often act contrary to their expressed beliefs, including morality. so what defines morality?
    • The law is concerned chiefly with money and bears little relation to morality or natural justice.
    • In A Treatise Cudworth argues not only that ideas exist independently of human minds, but also the principles of morality are eternal and immutable.
    • In the course of what I have to say, the distinction between morality as convenience and morality as ideal will virtually collapse, along with a good deal else.
    • If the sciences are indifferent to morality, what's to be done?
    • For at root, the impetus for rejecting traditional morality is protective, not permissive.
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    moralidad femenino