Traducción de morass en Español:


ciénaga, n.

Pronunciación /məˈras//məˈræs/


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    ciénaga femenino
    a morass of paperwork un lío de papeles
    • the bureaucratic morass of rules and regulations el laberinto burocrático de normas y reglamentos
    • Foreign attempts to help run into a morass of bureaucracy and ideology.
    • And in the unfathomable morass of the benefits system, some women can end up in better financial circumstances if they have split from their partner.
    • The next two chapters on medieval India and the Middle Ages are more muddled, perhaps due the the confusing morass of the actual history of the period.
    • Their bond is deep, and they have found mutual understanding amid a morass of confusion.
    • We need designers who demonstrate exceptional comprehension: designers who are able to flesh out the meaning from the morass.
    • At times it sounds like the ranting and raving of a somewhat unhinged mind, but then it takes a certain amount of guts to let people into your mind, into what seems to be a morass of obsessive paranoia.
    • The plot of the film is a morass of absolute stupidity.
    • Time after time the police would charge, the protesters would flee and in the morass they would easily drag their intended target back behind police lines.
    • It makes the last two years of Smith's life sound unbearable, a morass of depression, insomnia, paranoia, drug and alcohol abuse and overwork.
    • Complex procedures were simplified and new game mechanics were used to keep players involved, without losing them in a morass of procedures.
    • The whole country, the entire populace, should be discussing and debating this in an attempt to work our way out of the morass and design new beginnings.
    • It must be said, however, that education policy is usually a morass of conflicting interests and alternative orientations.
    • The chain grew to 149 stores, but eventually collapsed in a morass of disputes.
    • The minister said he hoped to streamline and simplify what he called the morass of laws governing alcohol sales, many of which pre-date the Irish State.
    • The first years of the program were a morass of infighting, failed launches, and neglect.
    • But this whole issue has been lost in a morass of other complications.
    • Rumours persist too of other investments in properties and companies; of a morass of financial dealings so complicated that the police are having difficulty getting to the bottom of it all.
    • By his selections and approach, he has shown that he is determined to find a way through the racial morass that has bedevilled most of his predecessors.
    • It's become a legal morass, muddied by claims of incompetence and backroom deals.
    • The overall visa problem is really a morass of smaller problems that plague international students and visiting scientists.
    • I felt that the plans team was slowly sinking into a morass of detail.