Traducción de morning en Español:


mañana, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɔrnɪŋ//ˈmɔːnɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(time of day)

      mañana femenino
      he hasn't beden in all morning no ha venido en toda la mañana
      • yesterday/tomorrow morning ayer/mañana por la mañana
      • the following morning a la mañana siguiente
      • every morning todas las mañanas
      • every Saturday morning todos los sábados por la mañana (or en la mañana etc.)
      • at eight o'clock in the morning a las ocho de la mañana
      • until three in the morning hasta las tres de la mañana / madrugada
      • I always have a shower first thing in the morning siempre me ducho en cuanto me levanto
      • we'll do it first thing in the morning lo haremos por la mañana a primera hora
      • where were you on the morning of August 16? ¿dónde estaba usted la mañana del 16 de agosto?
      • morning is my best time for working trabajo mucho mejor por la mañana (or en la mañana etc.)
      • (good) morning! ¡buen día!
      • before noun morning coffee café
      • morning paper periódico de la mañana
      • the morning star el lucero del alba
      • We went to school across the fields in the morning and helped out on the farm in the evenings.
      • Even so, John still starts work at three o'clock in the morning seven days a week.
      • It is not unknown for it to take me two and a half hours to get to work in the morning.
      • Now, if it doesn't work in the morning, we don't bother trying again until after lunch.
      • The hostel had the usual practice of opening doors at seven in the morning and locking them at ten at night.
      • Jane had help looking after Stephen for a couple of hours in the morning and evening.
      • The two and a half hours of language lessons in the morning are not a pleasant ordeal for me.
      • Try to keep your cats indoors early in the morning and at dusk, when birds are most active.
      • You will work from seven in the morning till seven at night and have one and a half free days per month.
      • Many people are too busy in the morning to eat breakfast or just do not feel hungry.
      • No trams were running at the time, but it caused chaos in the morning rush hour.
      • Men drive more than women and they are on the road earlier in the morning and later at night.
      • He can be seen early in the morning and late at night making sure all is in order.
      • Nowadays it's football from the time you wake up in the morning until you to go bed at night.
      • If there's something in the morning paper about a case, I cut it out and put it in a file.
      • We were supposed to leave very early in the morning since we had a very busy day ahead of us.
      • She wakes up early in the morning and works on her wood sculptures until about noon.
      • He spent three days working from seven in the morning until eleven at night on his masterpiece.
      • Their mother worked the night shift at the local hospital and did not get home until eight in the morning.
      • In a city like Glasgow, when people wake up in the morning the first thing they do is open the paper.

    • 1.2literary (early period)

      albores masculino literario
      aurora femenino literario

  • 2mornings

    por las mañanas
    en las mañanas América Latina
    a la mañana Río de la Plata
    de mañana Río de la Plata