Traducción de morning sickness en Español:

morning sickness

náuseas (matinales), n.


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    (del embarazo) náuseas (matinales) femenino
    • As additional bonuses, ginger tea helps relieve the morning sickness of pregnancy and diluted it is good for infant colic too.
    • Admittedly, my pregnancy wasn't great - all day morning sickness put paid to that - and the birth was no bed of roses either.
    • She was still in her first trimester, so she wasn't showing yet, but she was suffering from morning sickness.
    • By then I was already pregnant with son number 2 and suffering from violent morning sickness.
    • If morning sickness makes you miserable, talk with your doctor about medication to treat nausea.
    • Then came the bouts of morning sickness, then the arguing over names.
    • Claire wakes up the next morning and runs into the bathroom to throw up, she has been getting quite bad morning sickness and is fed up of it.
    • Kathy is apparently suffering from severe morning sickness.
    • Ginger syrup is a traditional remedy for morning sickness in early pregnancy.
    • About two-thirds of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, which can actually last all day and night!
    • Widely known as morning sickness, feeling or being sick during pregnancy normally occurs from about the sixth until the fourteenth week of pregnancy.
    • Apart from morning sickness in the early stages, the rest of her pregnancy had been trouble free, so she was shocked when at 32 weeks her body started to swell up.
    • In the first couple of months after we found out that she was pregnant, she suffered quite badly with morning sickness.
    • However, a recent review in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology concluded that morning sickness can often be treated quite safely with a natural approach.
    • Pregnancy often results in the occurrence of morning sickness in many women.
    • Surging hormones, however, have long been blamed for women's morning sickness and other pregnancy side effects.
    • Talk to your doctor if morning sickness lasts past the first three months of pregnancy or causes you to lose weight.
    • Now she's dealing with morning sickness and scheduling prenatal visits.
    • The exact cause of morning sickness is unknown, but it is probably linked to hormone changes that occur naturally in pregnant women.
    • Whilst some women never get it at any time in the pregnancy, most experience at least some mild morning sickness.