Traducción de mortgage en Español:


hipoteca, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɔrɡɪdʒ//ˈmɔːɡɪdʒ/


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    (charge) hipoteca femenino
    (loan) préstamo hipotecario masculino
    (loan) crédito hipotecario masculino
    (loan) hipoteca femenino
    to pay off a mortgage redimir una hipoteca formal
    • we've paid off the mortgage on the house hemos terminado de pagar la hipoteca / el préstamo / el crédito de la casa
    • mortgage on sth
    • to take out a mortgage on a property hipotecar una propiedad
    • we've taken out a second mortgage on the house hemos rehipotecado la casa
    • before noun mortgage arrears atrasos en el pago de la hipoteca
    • mortgage loan préstamo hipotecario
    • mortgage payment pago de la hipoteca
    • You therefore in effect overpay each month, which is why your mortgage would be cleared more quickly.
    • Cases it has dealt with vary from revoked credit cards to missed mortgage payments, according to a company spokesman.
    • Much of the sharp rise is being driven by rising house prices, with more than €1 billion in mortgages borrowed each month.
    • At the end of their working period and having redeemed the mortgage, they will remain in their own houses.
    • Over half the houses in the country are owned outright by people while a further significant amount have very low mortgages and have seen their homes triple in value.
    • And it could trigger a sharp fall in prices, with the consequent return of negative equity - the value of the property falling below the amount of the outstanding mortgage.
    • But the energy cost savings will far exceed the amount added to the mortgage.
    • In some instances they insist that the parent guarantees only the portion of the mortgage above the amount they would usually lend, based on the child's salary.
    • The fee will usually be about 1% of the mortgage, but this will depend on the size of the loan and the complications of each individual case.
    • If you don't like the idea of debt then you will probably be happier with a standard repayment loan where you can see the amount of your mortgage decreasing as time goes on.
    • The size of your current mortgage, school or university fees for children, and the effects of inflation must all be considered.
    • If you pay off your mortgage, you'll also lose the advantage of using someone else's money to invest.
    • I own my home with a small amount outstanding on the mortgage.
    • The standard policy reduces the amount covered as the mortgage is paid off so it is cheaper than a level term, which is one constant sum assured for the life of the policy.
    • In eight out of ten major towns, people on average incomes cannot afford to buy an average home which is now 6.7 times average annual pay and will require a mortgage of five times your income.
    • It makes money on the interest homeowners pay on their mortgages minus the interest it pays on low-rate bonds that it sells to institutional investors and foreign banks.
    • In some cases their grandchildren will finish paying the mortgages on them.
    • If you default on your mortgage repayments, the bank or lending institution has the right to claim 100 per cent of the property.
    • The government should recognise that it is dealing with people who have suffered hardship and serious worries about whether their mortgages will be paid off.
    • Once we have paid off our mortgages, we will consider pro bono work.

verbo transitivo

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    (land/house) hipotecar
    they've mortgaged the country's future han hipotecado el futuro del país