Traducción de mortician en Español:


Pronunciación /mɔːˈtɪʃ(ə)n//mɔrˈtɪʃən/



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    persona que trabaja en una funeraria
    • And I believe the mortician has gone down to receive the body.
    • During his tour in Iraq last year, Cotnoir had been a military mortician responsible for preparing soldiers for open-casket funerals.
    • Cotnoir was a mortician in Iraq and was undergoing psychological counseling at the time of his award, presented by the ‘Marine Corps Times’ last month.
    • Funeral directors, morticians, and cemeteries are discovering the customer-experience thing, adopting technology to personalize and speed a trade long rooted in cookie-cutter sameness.
    • I felt there was a need for daycare, and it's one of those growing businesses that will always be around, like doctors and morticians.
    • Inside the tent, U.S. officials said it was standard practice to use morticians putty to prepare bodies for viewing and was not intended to fool the Iraqi people.
    • In one case, the report found a hospital mortician was paid £10 for each brain he provided for a research project.
    • Books must deal with the local sheriff, an eager mortician, and a nosey reporter who all want a piece of the dying legend.
    • I was not a dietician; I was a budding mortician.
    • The standard drill: bodies arrive via truck, usually delivered by morticians or drivers employed by the Coroner's Office, as you need a license to haul dead people.
    • Three different teams, 31 on each team, medical examiners, morticians on those teams, they will locate the bodies.
    • But brutal conditions and the taunts of the mortician's apprentice cause a defiant Oliver to run away to London.
    • Farmer Hoggett himself looms like a tall, thin tree as he explains the moral underpinnings of veganism; Elliott Gould, already a supporter, frowns like a mortician in a black suit as he surveys the herd of potential endorsers and donors.
    • To the dismay of the statisticians and pollsters, the only folks who truly fit the ‘happiest people’ profile to a tee are apprenticing morticians.
    • US military morticians had reconstructed the brothers' faces to look as lifelike as possible, and allowed Western journalists to videotape and photograph them, after Iraqi civilians were sceptical that Uday and Qusay were really dead.
    • A 34-year-old college graduate who studied mortuary science, he was employed as a licensed mortician.
    • The mortician did his job well enough for the other brother to look at his mother in her casket, her face turned to the side to show the undamaged features.
    • All the while I kept thinking about this character in the play ‘Greater Tuna’ who declares that the local mortician, Finis, will not be the last man to zip her up.
    • Believe it or not, this guy actually is a mortician, running a lucrative funeral business in Richmond, Virginia!
    • Having met a beautiful mortician during their trip, the two agreed that Maxwell Reid would be a perfect choice to play that character.
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    (funeral director)
    director de pompas fúnebres masculino
    directora de pompas fúnebres femenino