Traducción de mosh en Español:


mosh, n.

Pronunciación /mɑʃ//mɒʃ/



  • 1

    (tipo de baile caracterizado por saltar y darse empujones unos a otros al ritmo de la música) mosh masculino
    • Then out of the blue another fast metal song began and the people around them began to mosh again.
    • A couple of kids were moshing, a few more were crowd-surfing, but the entire crowd was feeling the show.
    • I had this great view and I was mesmerized by all the boys moshing around, and the one girl who joined them, a little spitfire with bleach blond hair who pounded her chest at one point and howled.
    • Zack jumped in and started moshing with everyone else.
    • It's a rare pleasure to see a crowd that isn't moshing or pogoing, but actually dancing.
    • During the whole show I stare up at the stage from the mosh-pit, where nobody moshes since this is industrial new wave and not punk.
    • A look of pain crossed Angel's face as she surveyed the other concert attendees who were dancing and moshing.
    • Walking onto the stage, she began to hyperventilate again, but the crowd couldn't tell, for they were moshing and head-banging to the music.
    • I just about restrained myself from moshing into the crowd.
    • You know you're big when your fans are moshing in front of the stage.
    • I like to dance so I find hip-hop better music to dance to than punk; I can only mosh and jump around for so long.
    • The crowd is full of devoted fans partying and moshing and dancing.
    • Were you surprised to see those drunk scruffy bastards start moshing?
    • Young music fans don't mind being shoulder to shoulder at a concert, bouncing or even moshing to the beat.
    • She stopped moshing, captivated by Charles and Mike.
    • At others, he poked fun at the critics, or simply moshed with the crowd.
    • The music had barely started and half the crowd was moshing and yelling.
    • Then it all came flooding back; the shorter one was the guy I had knocked over while moshing.
    • While they're one of my favorite bands, I'm really not in the mood to start moshing along with the rest of the bus.
    • Emily got up and went to stand in front of the stage, making sure she had at least one person blocking her from the moshers… well, kids who thought they were moshing.
    • An extra plus is that the song would infuse any crowd at a live show to get up and mosh or dance.