Traducción de most en Español:


la mayoría de, adj.

Pronunciación /moʊst//məʊst/


  • 1

    (nearly all)
    la mayoría de
    la mayor parte de
    most daily newspapers have crosswords la mayoría / la mayor parte de los diarios traen crucigramas
    • most people would agree casi todo el mundo / la mayoría de la gente estaría de acuerdo
    • you'll find me there most days estoy allí casi todos los días
  • 2

    who eats (the) most meat in your family? ¿quién es el que come más carne de tu familia?
    • the winner is the person who answers the most questions correctly gana la persona que más preguntas acierta / que acierta el mayor número de preguntas


  • 1

    (nearly all)
    la mayoría
    la mayor parte
    all of the houses have central heating and most have garages todas las casas tienen calefacción central y la mayoría / la mayor parte tienen garajes
    • most of us/them la mayoría de nosotros/ellos
    • most of the wine has been drunk se ha bebido casi todo el vino
    • I read most of it lo leí casi todo
    • most of my experience has been in sales casi toda mi experiencia ha sido en ventas
    • Because when torn down to the basic constructs, most religions share many common themes.
    • Firefighters said fires were started in two separate spots and spread through most of the building.
    • The bugs are only a few thousandths of a millimetre across and lack the cell walls which most bacteria have.
    • The main point most people agreed on was that businesses needed to become more efficient.
    • Like most economists her main worry is whether consumers can bear the strain.
    • Cars were far from common and farming was the main source of income for most families.
    • The main structure of the building is in place and most fixtures have been installed.
    • Like most people of my generation, I regard this as a relic of a less enlightened age.
    • Despite the risks, most experts think shares will do better than other assets.
    • A good starting point would be the mother, who is the major influence for most children up to age three.
    • The main thing that was going through my mind is that most girls miss out on all this kind of stuff.
    • It all adds weight to the old theory that most people lead lives of quiet desperation.
    • They will often be bossy with carers and show levels of assertion that most children generally do not.
    • The regulatory bodies cover most professionals who work in health care including nurses.
    • Tom attended most of the monthly fairs in Belmullet and most days had a few ponies for sale.
    • It is through the mass media that most people today obtain their information on political matters.
    • But most owners said the main thing holding them back was not knowing where to go for help.
    • Since most computers do not yet possess faces or bodies, they cannot manifest this behaviour.
    • The biggest gaps in the evidence remain in general practice, where most patients are treated.
    • They issued it as a general statement to the press, which is why most papers did not touch it.
  • 2

    she ate the most comió más que nadie
    • which of your employees earns (the) most? ¿cuál de sus empleados es el que gana más?
    • it is the most we can offer you es todo lo que podemos ofrecerle
    • Jazz studies happened to be the area that I spent the most time in, so I went for that degree.
    • However, as science tells us, the most heat lost from the human body is out the top of the head.
    • The YMCA will also be giving a prize to the school which enters the most children.
    • At the end of the week, it is up to viewers to vote for the presenter who brought the most flair to the evening weather.
    • I would be of the view that managers with an open mind are the ones that have most success.
    • It has the most votes and the most candidates, so it takes the most work to analyse.
    • Economic liberalism appears to be the approach with most success in practice.
    • Players keep their tricks individually, and whoever takes the most card points loses.
    • I gather that generally it's men who make the most fuss when they are not well, but not me.
    • At the end of the week these votes were being counted and the case with the most votes would win the contest.
    • Williams put up the most resistance like a fighter who knows he has lost but is too proud to admit it.
    • Seven celebrities with the most votes are guaranteed a place in the Academy.
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    la mayoría


  • 1

    • 1.1(to greatest extent)

      what I like/dislike (the) most about him is … lo que más/menos me gusta de él es …
      • I'd like to thank most of all my wife quisiera darle las gracias sobre todo a mi esposa
      • I enjoyed the last act most of all el último acto fue el que más me gustó
      • I look forward most of all to arranging my library and my writing space when I move out.
      • The music Russell loves most of all is timeless and perhaps the director's work will prove to be too.
      • Once we'd sobered up, we agonised most of all over the theft of the champagne.
      • Are you positive this is what you most want?
      • These are the things which I value most of all; blogging comes secondary to all of them.
      • What amazed me most of all was that the best known band didn't come on until eight minutes from the end.
      • She loved the people, the landscape, the freedom, and maybe most of all the mountains.
      • What his video game reminds me of most of all, though, is the very dawn of computing.
      • As everyone knows, that's what a starving African child needs most of all.
      • There the thing I miss most of all is the company of other people.
      • What surprised me most of all was her book extract, with tales of her horrific childhood.
      • Importantly, these are the kinds of extremes that matter most to human wellbeing.
      • Murray appears to have all the talent to be the player we all want him to be, but the thing he needs most of all right now is time.
      • What they desire most of all is freer access to the world's best markets for their products.
      • Let us know what sort of avatars you'd most like to see added to the shop.
      • This was pretty bad, but for some reason the thing that seemed to offend me most of all about the shop was the café at the top.
      • What I crave most of all is originality, and artists willing to take genuine creative risks.
      • A person's condition in life was marked most of all by their age, gender, and social class.
      • The thing that covers most of the earth is the thing that we need most: water.
      • What I hate most of all is how quiet she is; before the accident she was always talking or laughing.

    • 1.2

      which is the most expensive? ¿cuál es el más caro?
      • he was the most friendly of the people I spoke to de toda la gente con la que hablé, él fue el más simpático
      • it is our eldest son who comes to see us (the) most often es nuestro hijo mayor el que nos viene a ver más a menudo
      • What Ryan had said to her was probably the most reassuring thing that anyone had ever said to her.
      • He showed incredible strength of character under the most extreme circumstances.
      • The event took place on the day of North Korea's most important national holiday.
      • Until now, he has been seen as probably Russia's most commercially minded leader.
      • To call a person a liar, is, to my mind, the most serious and damning thing that a person can do.
      • Fawkes was captured as he was about to commit one of the most recklessly bold crimes of that or any century.
      • This week the city prepares to launch its most ambitious programme to date.
      • Roads and ports were swept away, making it impossible to get to some of the most devastated areas quickly.
      • This was probably one of the most significant developments in the history of man.
      • The most important thing to remember with respect to this film is that it is not a documentary.
      • It was probably the most politically incorrect remark that's ever been made in my hearing.
      • It was probably the most stressful experience professionally I had ever had at that time.
      • Fresh garlic contains several compounds, the most important of which is allicin.
      • People can be guilty of the most terrible crimes and still feel themselves to be blameless.
      • One of the most interesting questions to ask would be what altitude this aircraft was flying at when it came down.
      • You may love it, you may hate it, but either way, it's certainly the most interesting thing here.
      • This is probably the most controversial issue ever to have arisen in British higher education.
      • It was probably the most diplomatic thing she had ever said and I appreciated it.
      • It was probably the most sensible thing the Government has ever done on the railways.
      • Eden was one of the most distinguished figures ever to be Foreign Secretary.

  • 2

    what happened was most interesting lo que sucedió fue de lo más interesante
    • it was most kind of you fue muy amable de su parte
    • most certainly con toda seguridad
    • most probably / likely muy probablemente
    • His Most Serene Majesty Su Serenísima Majestad
    • We have spent some time perusing your family website and found it most interesting.
    • History will most certainly exact a heavy price from them for being such imbeciles.
    • If anything, the stroke has made him a stronger man, and most probably a different kind of painter.
    • Thank you for your thoughtful, helpful, and most kind review of my manuscript.
    • He is most probably a local man and will have told someone about what he has done.
    • That is now no longer a fair representation of their view, and it most certainly is not of mine.
    • Either way they will all most probably be disposed of before the end of the year.
    • It most certainly was not a life-changing experience, but it did provide amusements.
  • 3EEUU coloquial

    she ate most all the food se comió casi toda la comida
    • When this song came out, most everyone listened to it on the verge of laughter.
    • She does have a few fears, but they are unknown by most everyone because of her toughness.
    • I imagine most everyone who has gone through schooling has experienced a fairly similar situation.