Traducción de mostly en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈmoʊs(t)li//ˈməʊs(t)li/


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    her friends are mostly students casi todos sus amigos son estudiantes
    • the land is mostly flat el terreno es en su mayor parte llano
    • she works mostly in the evenings trabaja sobre todo por las noches
    • it's mostly because … es principalmente / más que nada porque …
    • we grow tomatoes mostly cultivamos principalmente / más que nada tomates
    • mostly, the food was good en general, la comida era buena
    • The fish are mostly carp and ayu, and for an extra fee you can take the day's catch home.
    • It was mostly a number of the lecturers that refused to believe the notice, strangely enough.
    • It will mostly be made from glass, and construction materials have already been purchased.
    • The garden surrounding the house is mostly lawn and includes a golf practice bunker.
    • We're in the suburbs surrounded mostly by fields and open land so we don't get the same amount of dust.
    • The residents, who are mostly elderly, are determined not to let the yobs get the better of them.
    • In February last year the market hall was mostly destroyed after it was set alight by arsonists.
    • However, here it's mostly blunt injuries to the head and face rather than stabbings.
    • At present one area is mostly wooded with some open space and a disused pond, the other has an old orchard in it.
    • They mostly looked sad and bored, and seemed to regard the security woman with pity.
    • The roads were mostly dual carriageways, long and straight ones with no crossroads.
    • The bottom was mostly composed of thick black silt, and the carp happily fed in this.
    • All the money raised from the show goes to charities and good causes - mostly in Orkney.
    • I do love kids, they're innocent and are mostly undamaged by the troubles of the world.
    • The disease occurs in men mostly over the age of 50 and is very treatable if caught early.
    • She added that the British public was mostly unaware of the suffering undergone by the birds.
    • And now here is a book which is mostly poetry, or at least a kind of elegiac wistfulness.
    • The lake bed is mostly clean gravel, picked over by the numerous bottom feeding fish.
    • Suicide bombers have been shown to be mostly educated and reasonably well off.
    • Death from the condition is extremely rare and mostly affects people in middle age and older.
    • Dixon reckons the transformation he has witnessed is mostly due to the manager.