Traducción de moth-eaten en Español:


apolillado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɔθˌitn///


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    • After the room was filled with the warmth of the cheery fire, I tossed the newspaper onto the moth-eaten sofa and sat down behind my desk to at last fill out the bills I'd neglected the day before.
    • Mr. Monkey turns out to be a moth-eaten glove puppet.
    • The tiny window on the wall to my right is covered by moth-eaten cream curtains (well, it looks like they were cream once but have since degraded through dust invasion and misuse to a light brown).
    • Needless to say, all of the interior was filled with dust and two or three large cobwebs were hanging from the corners, and all the remaining furniture was moth-eaten.
    • But the room was almost empty except for 2 stools, a short table, a thin moth-eaten blanket, and an empty bookcase.
    • I was fascinated by a stall selling second-hand woolly hats, the kind favoured by old ladies, seized upon here by trendy teenagers who were wearing them with moth-eaten fur coats.
    • Riley lay on his moth-eaten sofa, dead to the world.
    • The musty, moth-eaten curtains, once a grand crimson, were now dull brown and drooping listlessly.
    • He wore a moth-eaten old fur cap and a shabby overcoat that was stretched tightly across his paunchy belly.
    • His mane is a little threadbare and Mum threatens to bin him calling him moth-eaten!
    • He covered her with the moth-eaten blankets and the stale smell of the room clung to the walls and to her.
    • These clothes were dirty, old, moth-eaten, and had been out of fashion for at least fifty years.
    • Grunge has been a recurrent theme in fashion since the early 1990s, when rockers like Cobain transformed kilts, moth-eaten sweaters and lumberjack plaids into the insignia of yuppie revolt.
    • Can a moth-eaten camelhair coat be repaired?
    • We had a sheriff who played Santa Claus every year decked out in an unconvincing, moth-eaten, red suit.
    • ‘I think there's a story here,’ said Kelendom grinning as he sat down in a moth-eaten chair.
    • When you think of seaside hotels, moth-eaten candlewick bedspreads and ferocious landladies usually come to mind.
    • Inside, I would probably find nothing of interest: maybe some moth-eaten old clothes and someone's forgotten junk.
    • Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten.
    • A four-poster bed with a slightly moth-eaten canopy lay in one corner, appearing as if it hadn't been used for many a night, and a table stood beside it.