Traducción de mother-to-be en Español:


futura madre, n.

Pronunciación /ˌmʌðətəˈbiː//ˈməðər tə ˈbi/

nombrePlural mothers-to-be

  • 1

    futura madre femenino
    futura mamá femenino
    • There are fears that cases of rubella, also known as german measles, will increase owing to declining rates of vaccination with MMR, leaving mothers-to-be at risk of catching it from children.
    • The researchers suggested that by reducing caffeine intake during pregnancy, mothers-to-be could reduce the risks to their baby.
    • While this is something that gives sleepless nights to many mothers-to-be everywhere, in many establishments, the women themselves have evolved ways to juggle motherhood and jobs/careers successfully.
    • Young or old, first baby or fifth, all mothers-to-be benefit from regular care during their pregnancy.
    • Most mothers and mothers-to-be who can hear don't realize how scary becoming a mother can be for a deaf woman.
    • Something that I feel is important about being a mother is telling other mothers or mothers-to-be what it is really like.
    • The report - written by medics from the University of Glasgow - found that one in five mothers-to-be who came for their first antenatal visit between 2002 and 2004 was clinically obese.
    • One private midwife has seen a five-fold increase in inquiries from mothers-to-be who want to give birth at home or be guaranteed constant, one-to-one attention in hospital.
    • A considerable number of mothers-to-be have shown increased dependence on advanced medical technology in hospitals to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
    • First of all, in case there are any mothers-to-be or mothers still smoking out there, stop now.
    • So there's a big push right now to get mothers, or mothers-to-be, to have their untreated dental disease taken care of, to protect the baby.
    • The lessons mothers-to-be should be attending are those about breastfeeding.
    • As the rumour that women who give birth in the store receive a £500 gift voucher spread, mothers-to-be have been seen loitering around the floors with no intention of making any purchases.
    • A questionnaire of working mothers-to-be using public transport found that almost 70 per cent of those who had been offered a seat said it only happened ‘sometimes’.
    • Our courts are in such a rush to jail mothers and mothers-to-be that no thought is given to the devastating effect this has on families.
    • But as society changes, more women are living away from their immediate or extended family, meaning mothers-to-be may not have continuous support throughout their pregnancy.
    • In her new role she will help to develop the midwives' public health role, with increased support for breastfeeding and encouraging mothers-to-be to stop smoking.
    • ‘We would urge mothers-to-be to give us a call and find out how we can help them and their partners to give up smoking,’ said Mrs Hancock.
    • Meanwhile, as long as mothers-to-be remain vigilant of the symptoms and are careful not to miss routine antenatal appointments, the early detection of pre-eclampsia should keep the more critical condition of eclampsia in check.
    • Scientists found that working mothers-to-be had an almost five-fold greater chance of suffering pre-eclampsia late in their pregnancies than those who stayed at home.