Traducción de Mother Nature en Español:

Mother Nature

la (Madre) Naturaleza, n.


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    la (Madre) Naturaleza
    • With your own set of wheels it is easy to explore the West Jutland region, an area that has been truly blessed by Mother Nature.
    • Yet Mother Nature is selective with her gifts, apportioning no more than necessary.
    • No, I'm not a collector of random junk but a researcher studying how Mother Nature is responding to our climate.
    • You know, to see the wrath and the power of Mother Nature is a pretty awesome thing.
    • It was a breathtaking show, and full marks to Mother Nature for laying it on.
    • In any case, these teeth are replaced by a second lot, endowed by Mother Nature to last a lifetime if looked after.
    • On the Canso Peninsula, Mother Nature provides a landscape of rugged, natural beauty in any season.
    • Residents breathed a huge sigh of relief today after plans to mine coal under their village were scuppered by Mother Nature.
    • It's odd how often Mother Nature has the final say when it comes to gardening, despite the best efforts of the gardener.
    • Hasn't Mother Nature been looking after herself all these millions of years?
    • We must not use Mother Nature as our garbage collector for if we do we will eventually be consumed by our own refuse.
    • People say that these statues are not human made but rather they were created by Mother Nature herself.
    • Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something about meat eating?
    • I looked out to behold a lovely yellow rose in full bloom, which is a tribute to Mother Nature rather than my own basic gardening techniques.
    • And, as with most outdoor performances, the artists are at the mercy of Mother Nature.
    • We can now fly, go into space, go to the depths of the ocean but the one thing we can't do and probably will never be able to do is control Mother Nature.
    • As I have said, the one thing you can't do is beat Mother Nature.
    • After all, you are tricking Mother Nature by depriving your body of sleep.
    • Neither party, however, could have foreseen the role that Mother Nature would play.
    • We now understand and value the reverence our ancestors had for Mother Nature in all her moods and seasons.