Traducción de motherly en Español:


maternal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈməðərli//ˈmʌðəli/


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    she's the motherly type es muy maternal
    • Her own daughters would undoubtedly have laughed at how motherly she sounded.
    • Katrina and Shannon were giggling like little children while Judith acted with motherly affection.
    • She smiled and placed her hand on his cheek in a motherly sort of gesture, thanking him again for the Merlot.
    • The older woman waved even as she welcomed her son home with a motherly hug.
    • She smiled understandingly, tucking some hair behind my ear in an almost motherly sort of way.
    • There are the same anxieties, the same pains and disappointments but those motherly instincts are still there.
    • Mia muttered something to her, and then she looked at me, her green eyes looking at me in a motherly sort of way.
    • Kidnappers just do not put up with disapproving glances and motherly clucks.
    • Anna placed a comforting, motherly hand on her shoulder, making her look up.
    • The woman, from whom he got his blue eyes and brown hair, immediately took him into a tight motherly hug.
    • Her appearance was motherly, and she had an aura about her that just seemed to welcome Katherine in.
    • I probably got a motherly smack on the back of the legs for the escapade.
    • Beth is distant and cold to Conrad, unable to show him the type of motherly love he needs and desires.
    • A short, plump and positively motherly lady appeared in the doorway, ushering us in.
    • And her motherly demeanor makes it easier for other staff members to seek her advice.
    • His is a tale of jealousy, envy and treachery, but also of motherly love, shrewdness and adventure.
    • She also plays a motherly role to her nieces and nephews, since she considers them her own.
    • She was a lovely, motherly old lady with a mane of white hair wound into a compact bun.
    • Jane, oddly, was showing her motherly instincts as she rubbed each of their backs with her hand.
    • She was highly protective of him, in an almost motherly way, although she was only three years older than him.
    • Many women are torn between their nationalism and motherly instincts.