Traducción de mouth organ en Español:

mouth organ

armónica, n.


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    armónica femenino
    • It was Neil Hannon's birthday and even though he didn't seem thrilled to be 32 years of age, he kept announcing the fact and played himself the Birthday Song on a mouth organ.
    • The Harmonicords, a local mouth organ quartet, is to be heard on Wednesday, February 16, on the BBC North Region's ‘What Makes A Star?’
    • His musical expertise stretches to the mouth organ.
    • But a real hobo needs an instrument, so I have resolved to learn the mouth organ.
    • With guitar in hand and mouth organ at the ready, he has created a trademark sound which makes him stand out from your everyday guitar-playing songwriter.
    • Bob receives a mouth organ as a present from his old mum.
    • The sweet sounds of the banjo are replaced by the elderly paterfamilias, who starts to play a mouth organ.
    • As well as being a good singer, Michael S is a multi-instrumentalist, playing the mouth organ, guitar and keyboards to name but a few.
    • Who do you think played the buzzing, demonic sitar on ‘Paint It, Black’, the dulcimer on ‘Lady Jane’ and the mouth organ on ‘Come On’?
    • The album is ripe with folk and country elements as well and encompasses many instruments, from epic strings to mouth organ and horns.
    • ‘I used to play her a little ditty on the mouth organ when I saw her walk past,’ said Gordon, 82.
    • The tracks may be short, but they're far busier than a lot of the material doing the rounds, with Hammond organs, chirpy guitars, and some brilliant mouth organ, all making an impression at some point.
    • Stan remembered that ‘long, lanky Fred’ used to entertain his comrades with his mouth organ.
    • With liberal use of glockenspiel, harmonium and mouth organ, it sounds like Brion found his instruments in a playgroup toy box.
    • Musically, the album isn't afraid of drawing on different instruments, from mouth organs to banjos, to acoustic guitars and piano.
    • Dick was a great dancer and singer and could even play the mouth organ.
    • A singer and a musician who plays organ, guitar, mouth organ and is learning the play the fiddle himself, he says, ‘They reveal the spirit and folklore of the Acadian people through their music.’
    • His father played the accordion and mouth organ, while a brother and sister played piano, all of them self-taught.
    • Be My Baby is like a modern day acoustic ballad, with melancholic twists and the now trademark falsetto, complete with strings and the mouth organ to begin with.
    • A mouth organ provides the tune and Kate uses her voice to provide the anger and bitterness the words deserve.