Traducción de mouthwatering en Español:


delicioso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmaʊθwɔːtərɪŋ//ˈmaʊθˌwɔdərɪŋ/


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    (recipe/meal) delicioso
    it looks mouthwatering se te hace la boca agua con solo mirarlo España
    • Whatever you choose at Prato, the cozy atmosphere by the big, hot oven, and the mouth-watering sights and smells make a trip to this resto well worth your while.
    • The smells were mouth-watering and reminded me that I hadn't eaten in… days?
    • Romeo and his mother stepped inside, and the mouth-watering smell of tender beef swamped Romeo.
    • He had to get to the source of that wonderful, mouth-watering smell - his very life, it seemed, depended on it.
    • Food is not rationed and unpalatable, but available in mind-boggling varieties and mouth-watering flavours at affordable prices.
    • The warmth of the restaurant and a few glasses of sherry really hit the spot, and having unthawed, we indulged in mouth-watering Southern cooking eating scrumptious shrimp and grits.
    • Whether you use chocolate or cocoa powder you're guaranteed to make rich, delicious and mouth-watering desserts and treats!
    • All the while, the bagel shop below the doctor's office was wafting up some lovely, mouth-watering smells.
    • I could smell something positively mouth-watering so I let my nose guide me to where it was coming from.
    • The seven years he spent travelling and hunting down recipes have resulted in a mouth-watering collection.
    • The air was thick with the mouth-watering, sweet smell of food.
    • When we made this dish, it was amazing how many people suddenly crept out of the woodwork, following the mouth-watering cooking smells.
    • Lunch will be eight courses, each sounding more mouth-watering than the next.
    • The result is a dozen different flavours of mouth-watering fudge, ranging from Coniston cookie crunch and mint chocolate whirl, to plain vanilla and strawberries and cream.
    • You are treated to an assortment of delicious mouth-watering chicken delicacies.
    • When you step into Casa Rugantino, you will be struck by mouth-watering smells - and by how small the restaurant is.
    • I made my grandmother's strawberry bread recipe and produced the kind of mouth-watering deliciousness people should write poetry about.
    • Oven roasting brings out carrots' sweet side - the long cooking caramelizes the sugar and creates a delicious, mouth-watering treat.
    • Her winning dish, Chinese Fried Rice with Pork and Prawns, impressed the judges with its creativity and mouth-watering combination of flavours.
    • Now that's fine when you are inhaling the mouth-watering smell of percolating coffee or a sizzling roast.