Traducción de muffle en Español:


amortiguar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈməfəl//ˈmʌf(ə)l/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(deaden)

      (sound) amortiguar
      he muffled his voice habló tapándose / cubriéndose la boca con un pañuelo (or con la mano etc.)
      • While the score and effects such as gunshots were all done well, dialogue remained muffled on every single disc.
      • Nick chuckles, and Jonnie guesses from the next muffled, unintelligible words that the pair are now kissing.
      • The Canadian accents were presented with clarity, but occasionally muffled.
      • Dialogue seemed a bit muffled in some sequences, but nothing terrible.
      • The faces and voices around him are blurred and muffled.
      • Fear becomes for her parents the permanent and muffled undertone of their life.
      • My vision faded until I could see no more, then I heard words; however, those were even too muffled to hear.
      • His voice echoed throughout the library, faint and muffled.
      • A bright flash of light broke out and surrounded Ryuma, his screams slightly muffled by the thickness of his own energy.
      • Apart from elaborating the ongoing judicial usurpation on these issues, the conservative voice seems to have become muffled.
      • Better relations should not mean muffling Britain's views on human rights and the rule of law.
      • Cole realized the plan at the same time Jeremy did, and she started to struggle furiously, muffled screams coming from her mouth.
      • Dialogue is often thick and muffled, although it is easy enough to understand, or would be if I actually spoke Italian.
      • Occasionally they would hear one of their loud, hooting cries echoing across the plain, muffled and distorted through the mist.
      • Also, I hope you like your music mushy and muffled, because that's just what you'll get with the soundtrack here.
      • It is mostly clear, occasionally muffled, and lacking in dynamic range.
      • The rest of the conversation was too low and muffled for her to hear, and when it seemed to be over there was silence until the door swung open and a deep voice called out her name.
      • A small, muffled whisper - like a careless sigh of contentment - drifted from the other side of the room, by the window.
      • Zoe's screams of fear and rage became muffled as he began to engulf her, and she realized how powerless she was in her current state.
      • Shapes moved outside and I heard voices, muffled through the wall.

    • 1.2

      (hooves/oars) enfundar
      (hooves/oars) (en una tela para amortiguar el ruido) envolver
      (drum) enfundar
      • At once, his body pressed me so hard into the seat that I couldn't move, his hands pinned my own down, and his lips covered mine, muffling me.
      • She mouths to me, muffling the handset with her hand.
      • That they were on muffled phone lines didn't help as Dunphy only twice became animated during his two-hour stint and that was when he had guests in the studio.
      • The rain's playing muffled kettledrums on our roof, shimmering like sheets of cellophane outside.

  • 2

    her face was muffled in a scarf una bufanda casi le tapaba / le cubría la cara
    • mother muffled us in warm clothes mamá nos abrigó bien
    • Partridge, however, does not recognize them, muffled up as they are at this time of night.
    • They emerged from the darkness so muffled against the cold it was hard to tell if they were children or old, bent women.
    • And so they came in Christmas, muffled up in furs and with mountains of luggage, and were pleasantly surprised.