Traducción de mugger en Español:


atracador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈməɡər//ˈmʌɡə/


  • 1

    atracador masculino
    atracadora femenino
    • A gang of muggers attacked a man 6ft 8in tall and stole his mobile phone as he walked home after a night out in Trowbridge.
    • Five years ago while walking near his London home he was attacked by muggers wielding machetes and suffered severe cuts to his hands.
    • A mugger who savagely attacked an 81-year-old man in Colchester escaped with just £4 in loose change.
    • An angry York mother has called for the return of her son's beloved BMX, which was snatched by two teenage muggers.
    • A woman was attacked by a mugger who threatened to stab her if she didn't hand over her handbag.
    • A mugger who snatched a woman's handbag as she made her way to work has been jailed just ten days after he committed the offence.
    • Politicians love to bash murderers, muggers and robbers because being ‘tough on crime’ is a popular stance.
    • A passing couple saw the attack and chased the mugger, but he managed to get away.
    • They are burglars, dealers, vandals, thugs, muggers, arsonists, a menace to society.
    • A disabled man was left bleeding on the ground with a double fracture of the skull after being attacked by a mugger.
    • A plucky mother-of-four tackled muggers who had snatched a handbag off a pensioner.
    • I am sure there are a lot more thieves, muggers and carjackers who could be dealt with the same way.
    • He was one of the muggers that was attacking that woman.
    • You and your date get out of the car, keeping an eye out for muggers and murderers.
    • Like his brother, he was also a thief, pickpocket, mugger, robber, and arsonist, etc, but he didn't like killing people.
    • Now, instead of concentrating on speeders and drivers jumping red lights, the officers will focus on muggers and thugs.
    • A 15-year-old Guiseley School pupil has made his family proud this week after standing up to a mugger who attacked an elderly woman.
    • In France, Britons are warned to look out for bag-snatchers, muggers, burglars and pickpockets, all targeting tourists.
    • The muggers attacked me in a frigid, windswept, remote parking lot.