Traducción de mulberry en Español:


morera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈməlˌbɛri//ˈmʌlb(ə)ri/

nombrePlural mulberries

  • 1

    morera femenino
    • And I have checked what must be a mulberry tree, there, across the road, and there are plenty of small sprigs on its branches - a sign that another freeze will not come.
    • A year before he demolished Shakespeare's former Stratford home New Place in 1759, the Revd Francis Gastrell cut down a mulberry tree which had grown in its garden.
    • Next to the clinic two Rufous Bush-robins scampered around in a mulberry bush.
    • They left the city to meet each other near a mulberry tree.
    • Abba Joseph had commanded the brother to eat some of the fruit of a nearby mulberry tree.
    • As we follow the level foot-trails that weave through the hamlets of the valley, Asghar Khan points out a 200-year old mulberry tree and, near another ancient fort, a gnarled, 500-year old walnut tree.
    • Put him in a house, and he'll chop down the biggest and oldest mulberry tree around.
    • In the year a.d.105, Cai Lun devised a way to make the bark of the mulberry tree into paper.
    • Through the branches, and you reached an overgrown stone path that led to an ancient mulberry tree, falling in the shape of a weeping willow.
    • The mulberry tree is of medium size and attractively untidy in appearance.
    • A magnificent mulberry tree planted 30 years ago by a previous owner - Angus McBean, the renowned theatre photographer - sits squarely in the middle of the long path leading from the house.
    • There's still a tree there, but is it a mulberry tree?
    • Yes, there is a mulberry tree not far from here growing up on that bank just over a ways.
    • Krishna Pandit did the same and was extremely happy when the snake guided him through the swampy and marshy land, until he reached the hollow trunk of a mulberry tree.
    • ‘Then it is settled,’ Taren proclaimed, ‘Tomorrow we meet by the mulberry bush!’
    • Pyramus and Thisbe planned to meet under the mulberry tree, and that is where they died.
    • In summertime the Ferris hills were a-thrive with greenery; even now, when the sky was bleak, the vivid colours of the maple leaves and the mulberry bush seemed to radiate light.
    • Beyond the vegetable beds, visitors entered an enchanted forest where volunteers had cleared a path with machetes only weeks earlier, to reveal a surviving mulberry tree.
    • It was Papu who found me unconscious after I fell from a mulberry tree and broke my pelvic bone.
    • It was made from wood of the mulberry tree and it glowed a silver, pearly hue.
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    mora (de morera) femenino
    • Earthy, spicy notes give way to a crunchy palate of light berry fruit with a final rustic finish of mulberry jam.
    • I set off for the day with a picnic of dried apricots, mulberries and nan bread.
    • The deep red fruit of the mulberry is the everlasting memorial of these true lovers.
    • Joy and love are intertwined, sweet as fresh mulberry wine.
    • In deepest seashells that she had gathered was there to be had of all delights, mulberries, the freshest of fruit like sweet wine from the vine.
    • Ripe mulberry fruits, chocolate and a twist of spicy liquorice make this a satisfying wine.
    • The soft, mulberry fruits in Vina Morande give way to layers of fresh green peppercorns and vanilla spice.
    • Be prepared for a blast of mixed spice and mulberry fruit that pushes the fine tannins and ripe acidity firmly back to the swallow.
    • We then all sat down on a big red carpet under a shade tree, and the farmers passed around refreshments - a tray of white mulberries, and six glasses of shorombe, ‘the Afghan beer,’ as Mohibi called it.
    • Morus nigra and M. alba, the black and white mulberries respectively, are fruits of Asian origin.
    • Dessert was Suncrest peach galette with mulberry ice cream.
    • The fruit/berry seed category includes red mulberry, elderberry, and the large pit of an unidentified fruit.
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    morado masculino
    (before noun) morado
    • The figures are painted in a mulberry red, sometimes with yellow or white highlights, and they're so intricately painted, a fine brush and a steady hand must have been a necessity.
    • From autumn through winter berries are produced in a wide range of colours - purple, rose, mulberry, white - depending on the variety.
    • The kitchen has mulberry painted walls and a fully fitted oak kitchen and beamed ceiling.
    • Her mid-length brown hair was decorated with tiny braids and thick mulberry streaks, pinned back in a high ponytail.
    • Later technology allowed for ink shades of red, green, sepia, black, and mulberry.
    • Our teeth shall be stained mulberry.