Traducción de multichannel en Español:


multicanal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈməltaɪˌtʃænl//ˈməltiˌtʃænl//mʌltɪˈtʃan(ə)l/


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    • The claim that all this stems from the needs of competition in a multichannel environment is always trotted out, but it has never been explained why this required the ending of much that was best about the programme content.
    • In the multichannel age more outlets than ever are chasing the same viewers among the nation's children.
    • This integration of single and multichannel communications provides a networking capability that was previously non existent.
    • But there's more to do in the evolution of cable from a multichannel video provider to a provider of voice, video and data services as part of a broadband package.
    • For those who train the staff of multichannel contact centers, the implications of these changes in customer expectations are significant.
    • They want to buy a product that will enable them to get the latest and greatest in multichannel video entertainment.
    • Kids channels are a mainstay of multichannel television anyway.
    • Moreover, effective multichannel customer service attracts new customers and increases revenue.
    • The Internet represents just another distribution channel in a complex multichannel strategy.
    • Still, there is no question that other activities are taking up listeners' time, thanks to the growth of electronic games and multichannel cable and satellite television.
    • As multichannel television has moved into six in every 10 homes, there has been a gentle decline in the number of programmes we all see together and dis - cuss afterwards.
    • The boards provide a 250kHz maximum sample rate in single and multichannel scans at any gain setting.
    • If you have two viable multichannel video providers in your market, you can get better deals.
    • With plenty of awards and solid ratings, cable's best programmers are ushering in a new era in multichannel television.
    • With the rise of the internet and multichannel TV on cable and satellite, whole channels have been targeted at this or that niche market, from cookery to cars.
    • But now the magic formula is lost forever in the new free-market multichannel onslaught and it is the viewers who, ultimately, have paid for it.
    • In his time, in 1967, the multichannel television system was introduced.
    • Above all, it needs to recognise that it has two main radio stations, and that they compete in a multichannel radio world.
    • The biggest blessing of multichannel TV is the ability to avoid sport.
    • This new multichannel world became possible through technological change, as cable and satellite could deliver potentially vast numbers of channels to homes.