Traducción de multifaceted en Español:


multifacético, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌməltaɪˈfæsədəd//ˌməltiˈfæsədəd//mʌltɪˈfasɪtɪd/



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    • This multifaceted project will showcase work by American independent filmmakers and international directors.
    • The results for the Opposition are obviously multifaceted.
    • The genre has since broadened dramatically to include multifaceted historic and contemporary subjects and characters.
    • With his deliciously resonant voice and perfect comic timing, he inhabits this multifaceted character down to the roll of an eye and curl of a finger.
    • Parents' role in multifaceted and we should learn to enjoy it.
    • The point of this letter is to highlight the fact that the management of our health care system is a complex and multifaceted issue.
    • And it's good to show such a multifaceted scene, because we all could actually be subdivided into different types of punk.
    • When asked what our feelings are on a certain subject, we rarely take the moment to analyze the multifaceted sides of the subject and reach our own conclusion on it.
    • That reality is multifaceted: yes, there have been real benefits, but, no, not all have shared in those benefits.
    • His performance is extraordinarily multifaceted, combining American brashness with a creepy, lethal mysteriousness.
    • Just 10 days before the launch of this multifaceted campaign it was brought to a halt by the government, without explanation.
    • Every song is multifaceted; there is so much going on you will find yourself enjoying something different with each listen.
    • The motives are multifaceted, the responses ambiguous and everyone bears the brunt of their misdeeds, as well as their best intentions.
    • The play takes a powerful look at the aspects which make us human and the many faces of a woman's soul, to show that each of us is, like a jewel, multifaceted.
    • According to his definition, it is a multifaceted concept - an expanding phenomenon in a certain period of history.
    • Women's role within the movement is complex and multifaceted.
    • They have a multifaceted role that needs acknowledgment.
    • Globalisation of the economy has brought out the need for a multifaceted approach in assessing the market and making options.
    • And likewise, the multifaceted nature of people's social networks could be directly supported in this way.
    • It follows that Islam in Indonesia has been always complex and multifaceted.