Traducción de multifarious en Español:


variopinto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmʌltɪˈfɛːrɪəs//ˌməltəˈfɛriəs/


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    muy diverso
    • S.K. Vasistha's article enabled older readers to recollect the joys and pleasures of listening to the multifarious programmes broadcast on the radio once upon a time.
    • For the next fortnight Aquarian Venus busily stretches your social horizons, whirling and swirling you through various, multifarious, interesting new possibilities.
    • Born in Austro-Hungary, he went to the United States in 1842 and to California in 1849, where he engaged in multifarious activities, including politics, horticulture, and gold-refining.
    • These wide-ranging and multifarious activities on behalf of modern sacred music began in a humble southern German sheet-music publishing house.
    • It is perhaps not surprising that the ebullient Minister, harassed by multifarious problems from all quarters, has lost his cool.
    • Sylvia was in charge and dealt very efficiently, single handed, with the multifarious problems that come an embassy's way, in times normal and abnormal.
    • And those groups are so multifarious that the president's freedom of maneuver will be significantly curtailed.
    • The president should call a meeting of core groups of leaders regardless of political affiliation to help tackle the nation's multifarious critical problems.
    • Clearly, given the magnitude of the task, there is no single response to the multifarious aspects of international criminality.
    • I too enjoyed the multifarious offerings of the Glasgow Art Fair, and had a good ponder over Glasgow's International Art Festival contributions.
    • Although, thanks to my multifarious activities, I was never quite broke, I knew plenty of contemporaries who were.
    • Of course, there will be more attacks: the country's enemies are multifarious and growing in number by the day.
    • Yet another dimension is that regulators find it increasingly difficult to monitor the multifarious activities of the multinational, multifunctional bank.
    • After traversing multifarious crossroads, we arrived at a walled courtyard complex which, turned out to be the habitat of the friends I made last summer in Beijing.
    • Functionally, it is used to host conferences and meetings for the aluminium industry and to inform the public of the multifarious creative uses of assorted aluminium products.
    • In the end it became very difficult to live with all the multifarious characters that inhabited his persona.
    • And if you have an aversion to the colour brown in all its multifarious shades, be warned: it's everywhere - flooring, panelling, furniture etc.
    • Since 1996, when UNESCO declared April 23 as the World Book and Copyright Day, people across the world have been promoting books, reading, literacy and culture in multifarious ways.
    • Secret formulae are invented to create inks to print, in multifarious shades of colour, on specially calibrated paper, to defy counterfeit.
    • Did he shoot hundreds of exposures, as fashion photographers do, examining them later in the darkroom to see which of the multifarious images was ‘the one’?