Traducción de multiplex en Español:


multicine, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmʌltɪplɛks//ˈməltəˌplɛks/


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    multicine masculino
    • The market is hot for Hollywood extravaganzas that fill screens at multiplexes.
    • It is heartening in the age of multiplexes and blockbusters to find a filmmaker who commits to cinematic honesty with the conviction of a convert.
    • The birth of the 24-hour news channel was supposed to herald more news, more of the time, but like the cinema multiplex more has turned out to be mean considerably less.
    • The multiplexes can afford to experiment with one screen.
    • At a multiplex in Times Square in New York, the viewers' verdict on the opening day of the movie was unanimous - all shows were sold out.
    • On those rare occasions when a great motion picture reaches multiplexes, the film critic must add another aspect to his or her job description: that of cheerleader.
    • The rest of the screens are suburban multiplexes that are filled to capacity much of the time.
    • With the advent of the blockbuster and multiplex, cinema has boomed, and television has become ever more dependent on its output, imagery, and style.
    • Given the monopolising ventures of cinema multiplexes across Scotland, it's a wonder that all arthouse and independent cinemas aren't doing exactly the same thing.
    • This is why Bombay is awash in new malls and cinema multiplexes and so forth, all of which generate jobs.
    • It is languid, thought provoking and compulsively interesting, but, much like its poster, it won't be the most exciting film at the multiplex.
    • The multiplex would screen movies at short intervals with digital projectors.
    • Generally speaking, the weakness of December 2004 is a continuation of an overall cinematic malaise that has infected multiplexes and art-houses this year.
    • Home theater systems can rival anything you see at the multiplex.
    • You're also beginning to see towns not on the West or East coast exhibiting films that they normally wouldn't have seen before, because the multiplexes will devote that screen or two to them.
    • This would mean that more cinema halls and multiplexes could be opened in Pakistan.
    • It's riveting and intense, with just enough action to satisfy those who enjoy that genre and enough substance to satiate viewers who are tired of the long litany of dumb motion pictures marching through multiplexes.
    • Not only are such outlets the necessary gateways into the riches of world cinema and film history, they also balance the multiplexes and boutique art-house cinemas that so dominate the film landscape in any country.
    • This is not the kind of motion picture that will find much favor in multiplexes, but the strength of character development is such that it almost certainly will uncover a healthy audience in art houses.
    • I suppose it is losing out to these multiplexes but I always thought it would survive because it has such a great location and it has all the student crowd.