Traducción de multiplication table en Español:

multiplication table

tabla de multiplicar, n.


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    tabla de multiplicar femenino
    • I have no idea if she's counting cars, doing her multiplication tables in her head, or even if she's awake.
    • Let's say we want to build a multiplication table listing all the multiples of positive integers from 1 through 12.
    • You don't have learn the multiplication table.
    • The walls were painted dark blue and the walls were covered in posters of the multiplication table, and the class's work.
    • Arithmetic involves recognizing numbers and symbols, memorizing facts such as the multiplication table, aligning numbers, and understanding abstract concepts like place value and fractions.
    • Their study indicates that learning the multiplication table is akin to memorizing a laundry list, whereas learning how numbers relate to each other appears tied to visual intuition about space.
    • Nothing prevents Michigan from requiring its fourth-graders to know multiplication tables that children in Arizona aren't required to know until fifth grade.
    • Thus, when a first or second grade student should actually learn the basic addition or multiplication concepts wholeheartedly and experience them, they have to rush it and memorize the addition and multiplication tables instead.
    • A multiplication table was something all students were expected to know by the end of the 1st grade in my childhood.
    • My mother would tell me about the school she attended in the bush, and how the children would line up in twos to march into school, chanting their multiplication tables.
    • Emphasis was put on ‘parrot fashion’ teaching with pupils asked to chant their multiplication tables.
    • I get 15-year-olds who have never been taught the multiplication tables.
    • My cheeks flushed scarlet at the upsetting turn of my thoughts, and I forced myself to recite the multiplication tables to force it from my mind.
    • The seven-year-old's walls are covered with posters of her multiplication tables and the alphabet, while labels reading ‘le mur’ and ‘la table’ are stuck on to the wall and table.
    • Do you even know the multiplication table or long division?
    • The work contains the first multiplication table in a Greek text.
    • We used to make little rhymes and songs while teaching them multiplication tables.
    • Gramsci saw that it was a serious error to discredit learning methods like phonics and memorization of the multiplication table as ‘outdated’ or ‘conservative.’
    • Dyslexics have problems with things that need quick automatic responses such as multiplication tables.
    • I was unfortunately weak in the multiplication table.