Traducción de multiply en Español:


multiplicar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmʌltɪplʌɪ//ˈməltəˌplaɪ/

verbo transitivomultiplied, multiplies, multiplying

  • 1

    to multiply sth (by sth) multiplicar algo (por algo)
    • two multiplied by three equals six dos (multiplicado) por tres son seis
    • One of them is the canonical method: we multiply the numbers mentioned that divide the number sought by each other; we add one to the product; this is the number sought.
    • The number of initial ovules (number of ovules at anthesis) from the fruits was estimated by multiplying the number of carpels by two, because each carpel always has two ovules.
    • My head tells me that I am teaching an inaccurate mathematical concept when I tell children that the quick way to multiply a whole number by 10 is to add a zero to the right-hand end.
    • He described a computational trick for multiplying a number by 11.
    • Hint: multiply your number by 5 and see if it is near a number in the Lucas series.
    • He made a mechanical device, Gunter's scale, to multiply numbers based on the logs using a single scale and a pair of dividers.
    • If you multiplied this number out, you would have a number 1,791,864 digits long.
    • The objects in the two piles are counted, the two numbers are multiplied and the result is stored somewhere.
    • The ratio is multiplied then by 100 to convert to percent.
    • Imaginary numbers are real numbers multiplied by i.
    • Let's see how a mathematician might understand what's going on when a negative number is multiplied by a negative number.
    • The way most people learn to multiply large numbers looks something like this.
    • To find the probability that both people have this birthday, we have to multiply their separate probabilities.
    • As the above table of calculations demonstrates, the more digits we use of the decimal expansion of 2, the more nines we get after the decimal point when we multiply the number by itself.
    • Since any number multiplied by one remains constant, the multiplicative identity is 1.
    • He correctly states that: -… a number multiplied by zero is zero, and a number remains the same when zero is subtracted from it.
    • Also, Alice knows the quick method of multiplying a number by eleven.
    • Multiplication problems at the advanced level required multiplying a three-digit number by a one- or two-digit number.
    • It is very easy to multiply two numbers and get a result, but it is hard to take a result and get back the two numbers.
    • Play games with your child: throw two dice and multiply the numbers, then move on to multiplying the sum of two throws by the sum of two throws.
  • 2

    (benefits/chances/risk) multiplicar
    • An index dominated by frothy sunrise industries multiplies the risk of investing for us all.
    • He said that slower rate of growth and rapid increase of population has multiplied the woes of Northeast and halted its economic development.
    • Few institutions were closed, however, as a program of increasing classification of prisoners multiplied the accommodation required.
    • For patients who do not speak or understand the native tongue, the problems are multiplied tenfold.
    • If a second engine is lost, the airplane will still fly, but the problem of increased fuel burn is multiplied.
    • For every point that the underlying asset increases, profit is multiplied by the customer's stake, and vice versa.
    • It's important because it multiplies the risks of a stroke or heart attack up to four times.
    • Now multiply their problems tenfold and one gets the idea of what a national health care system would be like in the United States with a population of 300 million people.
    • It also greatly multiplies prospects for broad adoption, which is one of the most meaningful, quantifiable measures of success.
    • With optical component prices being cut in half every nine months, it is becoming increasingly affordable to light hundreds of fibers in each bundle, which greatly multiplies available bandwidth.
    • Their troubles were multiplied by the fact they had been given no more information than the passengers.
    • When combined with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol, smoking multiplies the risk of having a heart attack.
    • Chronic dioxin exposure is believed to multiply the risk of several cancers, increase the chance of immune system disorders, and to cause liver damage.
    • Wrought iron greatly multiplied the possibilities of tension: much wider roof spans than those offered by timber alone were now possible.
    • We will need to multiply treatment tenfold - to the same level that we see in countries like Sweden.
    • As this bravest and most honest of golfers made his way up the last fairway on the final day, he was greeted by applause that, had it been multiplied ten-fold, might have qualified as lukewarm.
    • Psychological distress, for example, multiplies the risk of stroke by 1.5 times.
    • I am one of those increasingly multiplying long-haired adolescent boys!
    • The chance of preventing a coronary event is the absolute risk multiplied by the relative risk reduction, but the question is whether the relative risk reduction is equal in patients of all ages.
    • There is no question that the dead trees greatly multiplied the speed and intensity of the San Bernardino fires.

verbo intransitivomultiplied, multiplies, multiplying

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  • 2

    • 2.1(increase)

      (problems/chances) multiplicarse

    • 2.2

      (animals/organisms) multiplicarse
      • In one year, two rats can produce as many as one thousand offspring and in eight months a group of twenty mice can multiply to two thousand.
      • Still the insects multiplied, and spread out all over the park.
      • Coccolithophores are single-celled organisms which multiply rapidly near the surface, shedding tiny calcium-rich scales.
      • And with litters of ten or more per healthy sow, the animals could multiply rapidly.
      • The bacteria then multiply rapidly and produce toxins, which result in the rapid progress of the disease.
      • In fact, if the individual continues to take the drug, the resistant virus will only multiply faster.
      • As the amount of farmed fish multiplies, the wild salmon stock has gone into freefall.
      • Because fleas multiply rapidly, treating fleas involves removing them form the animal's environment as well as its skin and hair.
      • Bacteria and some viruses multiply and mutate rapidly, and can evolve much more quickly than we can develop new drugs to fight them.
      • Species may multiply but they will tend to do so at the expense of other species.
      • The goats multiply by themselves - the project runs along the lines that when your goat has a kid, you give it to your neighbour.
      • As the cats multiplied, the rats and mice were eradicated and this led to a problem of cat over-population.
      • Once the spores gain entry to the airways and lungs, the bacteria multiply rapidly, producing anthrax toxin in lethal quantities.
      • With a single worm capable of laying 900 eggs a year, his worms began multiplying exponentially.
      • If they choose the latter course, their stock of sheep will multiply (because of natural reproduction).
      • Major people epidemics occur when a human flu virus recombines with an animal virus, an animal flu virus multiplies in man, or the existing chemicals rearrange more virulently.
      • All of these produce toxins as the bacteria multiply in the intestines after the food has been eaten.
      • Within a few months a handful of mice and rats had multiplied into 60 mice and 12 rats and started to overrun their owner's house at Westhoughton.
      • When cooked rice is left in less than ideal conditions for four or five hours or overnight, spores are released and the bacteria multiply dangerously.
      • During the same period fallow deer numbers multiplied from a dozen or so to over 250.