Traducción de multiprocessor en Español:


multiprocesador, n.

Pronunciación /mʌltɪˈprəʊsɛsə//ˈˌməltiˈprɑsəsər/


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    multiprocesador masculino
    • In multiprocessor machines, multiple threads are an efficient way for application developers to utilize the parallelism of the hardware.
    • Because multiprocessor servers put a larger strain on the memory subsystem, increased amounts of on-chip cache can help alleviate that load.
    • The architectural differences between shared-memory multiprocessors and distributed-memory multiprocessors have implications on how each is programmed.
    • Dedicated multiprocessor rackmount computers are easily the cheapest way to add processing power to a cluster.
    • In a multiprocessor system, a shielded CPU is a CPU dedicated to the activities associated with high-priority real-time tasks.