Traducción de mundane en Español:


prosaico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmənˈdeɪn//mʌnˈdeɪn//ˈmʌndeɪn/


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    (existence) prosaico
    (activity) rutinario
    • The next day was as boring, mundane, unexciting, humdrum, dull, tedious, uneventful and monotonous as usual.
    • The truth is far more mundane and less interesting than the story might suggest.
    • One of the strangest things that happens to you when you are raising a toddler is how the normally mundane things get you incredibly excited.
    • It is also full of the mundane, the pedestrian and the downright dull and ugly.
    • We all joked about the mundane and unexciting routines which the majority of us shared with girlfriends and wives.
    • Just as today, in the past a great deal of rubbish was generated by the mundane activities of everyday existence.
    • Those acronyms, some might say, are designed to add a hint of excitement to an otherwise mundane and dull industry.
    • But its in the execution and delivery that these common themes are saved from becoming mundane and boring.
    • She has the happy knack of making the most mundane report appear interesting.
    • Brands that stand out here take an otherwise ordinary and mundane activity and make it more interesting and engaging.
    • They just wanted to see something exciting happen, something to break up the mundane humdrum of everyday life.
    • In fact, it's almost easy to not read beyond her almost lyrical prose that makes the most mundane of everyday routines fascinating.
    • It overlooks the mundane reality of everyday policing, which is often boring, messy, petty, trivial and venal.
    • Stacked ahead of me are the dull and mundane tasks that'd bore anyone with an IQ higher than their pants size.
    • Her conversation was mundane and her interests narrow.
    • We put fancy, bubbly skins on the dull and mundane and think that we're making it all more interesting.
    • Coupled with the fact that the main thrust of all the stuff I've done lately is repetitive, mundane, monotonous data entry.
    • It is has been really relaxing and all the mundane hassles of normal day-to-day life seem a million miles away.
    • I apologize to any readers who spent valuable minutes reading limitless minutiae about my mundane existence.
    • But underneath all the excitement lurk the mundane pressures of the daily grind.
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    (comments) trivial
    (person) ramplón