Traducción de muscle en Español:


músculo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmʌs(ə)l//ˈməsəl/


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    músculo masculino
    feel this, it's all muscle toca, es todo músculo
    • RSI occurs when repeated physical movements damage tendons, nerves, muscles and other soft body tissues.
    • We should explain: a tendon is basically a strong piece of tissue which connects a muscle to bone and is the extension which pulls on the bone and allows the joint to straighten or flex.
    • In this specimen, large lymphoid cells diffusely infiltrated muscle and fibrous tissue.
    • Energy is also needed to grow and repair the body's tissues, and to power the muscles for movement.
    • Contraction of the circumferential muscle bundles constricts the infundibulum to a conical shape.
    • And I had thought maybe I'd done something, you know, pulled a muscle or something.
    • The tendon is the strong, white fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones.
    • A septum of connective tissue separates the circular muscle layers of the pylorus and duodenum.
    • On physical examination, pain is present from the tip of the medial epicondyle to the pronator teres and flexor carpi radialis muscles.
    • The second group called sarcomas, arise from the substance of solid tissues such as muscle, bone, lymph glands, blood vessels and fibrous and other connective tissues.
    • Once extracted, they can be stimulated in a laboratory to develop into any type of body cell or organ including bone, muscle and body tissue.
    • Each time the calf and thigh muscles contract when walking, veins deep inside the leg are squeezed.
    • The powerful venom acts on the victim's voluntary muscles, paralysing the muscles required for body movement and breathing.
    • A heartbeat is when the muscles of the heart contract and push blood around the body.
    • The processes that bring about movement of the voluntary muscles of the body start on the surface of the brain in an area called the motor cortex.
    • The striated muscles innervated by cranial nerves are usually affected the most severely.
    • In this condition, muscle and fibrous tissues of the renal artery wall thicken and harden into rings.
    • Make sure you get sufficient protein to protect not only your bones, but your muscles and other body tissues.
    • The pain is the result of an overload on your tibia and the connective tissues that attach your muscles to your tibia.
    • He also leaned laterally during single leg stance, which may indicate weak gluteus medius muscles relative to his body weight.
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    fuerza femenino
    poder efectivo masculino
    they have no political muscle políticamente, no tienen influencia
    • they showed their muscle demostraron su fuerza / el poder que realmente tienen
    • Asha thought of him as a dumb jockey with no brains but plenty of muscle.
    • He trained in the UK as a chef, but because of his dyslexia the jobs he can get use his muscle not his brain and he cannot get a driving licence - he can't take the written test.
    • Months in the planning, it is a job that needs all the skills of a group of experienced villains, brains, muscle and connections, with no man greater than the sum of the whole.
    • The Wolves also could use some muscle at power forward, which would give Garnett and Smith some help up front and take the pressure off the perimeter shooters.
    • A matter of a difference in opinion should not be settled with muscle rather than the brain.
    • We've power of muscle and brain, and where else is that combination useful?
    • At power forward, Portland can go with Wallace or Brian Grant, depending on whether you want star power or muscle and hustle.
    • He thought Luke was all muscle and no brains.
    • But we've got to fight with our muscle and our brain, and do it in a smart way.
    • Predictably, the alien blesses the boy with his powers, so the audience is not robbed of the opportunity to see some muscle, brawn and macho acts from the young star in the second half.
    • He taught that power was a must, yet it must be total power that included muscle, mind, and ki working in unison.
    • He was the executive producer of the unit and its brains and muscle, too.
    • But without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn.
    • Nesterenko is tall and strong, though, and started mobilising that muscle at just the right time.
    • The crafting of such language, potent with muscle and brain, lends objective shape to the act of consciousness itself.

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    (baggage) llevar a pulso
    • He was a young kid, and now they were going to muscle him out of there.
    • It moves by rolling, log-style, or by lifting its head or tail, inchworm-like, and muscling itself forward.
    • The silver of the cuffs that bind his hands together behind his back glint as they muscle him down in the direction of the street below, where many sprawling police cars have gathered.
    • His strength allows him to muscle shots even when he doesn't put the bat's sweet spot on the ball.
    • He muscles the log toward the opposite bank, crouches atop a slick boulder, and steadies the log.
    • The six-liter, 325-horsepower turbo diesel engine can muscle you up loose inclines and keep you in the passing lane.
    • This chef is a meat man, of course, an aggressive, boisterous character used to spending long hours muscling chickens and slabs of beef over a hot open flame.
    • It was muscling its way onto shore, hands sinking deeply into the sand.
    • A third-generation Marine, he lugged the same heavy pack, muscled the same kind of machine gun into his foxhole at night and took the same risks as any of the bigger men.
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    (baseball) golpear con fuerza