Traducción de music centre en Español:

music centre

equipo de música, n.



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    equipo de música masculino
    • They had the latest in television technology, a slim video recorder, a good collection of pre-recorded cassettes, a music centre studded with dials and controls and a huge tower full of CDs and audio cassettes.
    • The problem with using your PC as a music centre is that it's rarely in the place where you actually want to listen.
    • The many great prizes include a colour T.V., Microwave Owen and music centre.
    • In the course of the night there will be a draw for a number of very attractive prizes including a colour TV, microwave and hi-fi music centre.
    • A laptop can serve as portable cinema, internet cafe and music centre as well as a work platform. Or you may wish to keep your laptop solely as an on-the-road device that holds just the most current files.
    • She took out money raised in a March fair and used it to buy basics for the orphanage, and a music centre for the school.
    • Over night Hilary had pulled some strings so the room was decorated new, and complete with new furniture, TV, VCR and music centre.
    • Two big TVs have been taken as well as two video recorders and music centres.
    • Car bumpers, bed springs, a broken music centre, smashed chairs, soiled carpets and rotting food are just some of the waste piled high around the vandalised graves which date back to the 1700s.
    • Not only this, but my friend Bob has gone and bought an old music center and is buying up old vinyl.
    • Just ask the question, ‘How often have I sat down and listened to the expensive music centre that seemed so important to have?’
    • In the living-room there are pretty sparkly lamps, and a very large TV and music centre, both ugly.