Traducción de musical chairs en Español:

musical chairs


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    to play musical chairs jugar a las sillitas / al stop
    • the cabinet changes were only a round of musical chairs la remodelación del gabinete no fue más que un mero intercambio de carteras
    • There were plenty of party games such as musical chairs and step-on-the-balloons.
    • On the other hand, another long-time children's party game of musical chairs has been accused of breeding violence and of rewarding only the ‘strongest and fastest’.
    • Two favorite activities were games of musical chairs - which these youth had never played before and enjoyed hugely - and learning to swim.
    • I hate musical chairs and dodge ball and any game that may single out one little kid for losing.
    • These types of games were firmly in the province of small kids who ate jelly and played ‘pass-the-parcel’ and musical chairs at birthday parties.
    • One study even pooh-poohed the games of duck-duck-goose and musical chairs, suggesting they inflict emotional damage.
    • It's a child's game - musical chairs - but this time, it's teaching a lesson in leadership.