Traducción de mute button en Español:

mute button

botón de silencio, n.


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    botón de silencio masculino
    • There is a mute button for suspending and resuming audio transmission.
    • Just get the mute button ready when it gets on your nerves.
    • Finally, I hit the mute button and roll the dice.
    • Rachel is still listening on the phone; she simply hits the mute button, but doesn't put the phone down.
    • She grabbed the remote for the television and pressed the mute button, then she ushered for me to sit on the carpet at her feet.
    • The dealer had to quickly press the mute button on his phone so the customer couldn't hear his roars of laughter.
    • She inched again towards the television and pressed the mute button.
    • I clicked the mute button and just watched their mouths go up and down.
    • Both share features you'd expect from a speakerphone: the ability to preprogram frequently called numbers, volume controls, a call timer, and a mute button.
    • Simple townsfolk are just as bad, and there will be a few moments where you'll want to reach for the mute button rather than hear their dialogue.
    • Finally breaking free, she hit the mute button on her TV and lifted her phone to receive Tamara's number.
    • It was like the child had a mute button and someone suddenly pressed it.
    • My finger barely made it to the mute button before I burst out laughing.
    • The headset and base station feature volume and mute buttons and on-line indicators.
    • He flips the mute button off and goes back to his conversation.
    • He flips on the TV as soon as he gets home, turns to channel 26 and hits the mute button.
    • I hit the mute button, and start to laugh in disbelief.
    • Yawning, Seth grabbed the remote and pressed the mute button.
    • It was like someone had hit the mute button to the TV.
    • I usually wince every time I have to listen to it, and if I'm listening to it on TV I always fumble for the mute button.