Traducción de mystery tour en Español:

mystery tour

excursión sorpresa, n.



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    excursión sorpresa femenino
    • This is not the best start to my musical mystery tour of New York.
    • I've had just over three hours sleep, and now I face a mystery tour on one of those ropey coaches the rail companies only drag out on non-special occasions.
    • She'd booked outings with friends and was looking forward to going to the theatre and on a mystery tour.
    • Last week carnival events included a mystery tour to Longleat and a quiz about music at the Oliver Cromwell pub.
    • The mystery tour didn't go quite according to plan.
    • A mystery tour on February 7 was the first outing of the year and this was enjoyed by everyone who went on the trip.
    • Anyway, the magical mystery tour continues, and I can't quite her the conversation in the front.
    • The annual mystery tour for our senior citizens from the parish and surrounding districts takes place on Thursday, July 15.
    • The mystery tour will take place on Tuesday next, July 23 and will commence when a bus leaves Glynn at 9 am.
    • A scheduled trip to Inverness and then a mystery tour thrown in for free.
    • More than 300 commuters went on a mystery tour on Thursday evening when their train failed to stop at Bedford station.
    • The mystery tour attracted 150 people from Ballylanders and elsewhere.
    • As Emily tells Jamie at the beginning of his magical mystery tour, ‘I'm going to show you what's behind the façade of a bland suburban street.’
    • We're coming on a magical mystery tour and your coming too.
    • The outing is due to take place at the end of August and will be a mystery tour.
    • Then we went on a magical mystery tour around Liverpool seeing the sites and learning about the Beatles.
    • It was not very pleasant weather for the mystery tour.
    • Jimmy turned 40 last Saturday and was treated to a magical mystery tour.
    • This weekend a collection will be taken up to help towards the cost of the mystery tour for the senior citizens.
    • This will probably be a mystery tour to some part of Ireland.