Hay 2 traducciones principales de naff en Español

: naff1naff2


Pronunciación /naf//næf/

verbo intransitivo

    Hay 2 traducciones principales de naff en Español

    : naff1naff2


    de mal gusto, adj.

    Pronunciación /næf//naf/



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      (in poor taste)
      de mal gusto
      hortera España coloquial
      naco México coloquial
      meosa Río de la Plata coloquial
      lobo Colombia coloquial
      huachaca Chile coloquial
      huachafo Perú coloquial
      • It's a place I feel a little funny about, because when I was in my teens and early 20s, there was no shop more naff on the high street.
      • Celebrity endorsements have always been naff and frequently backfire horribly.
      • Some of them sound okay, some sound naff, but they're mine and I stand by them.
      • The attractions are family-friendly without being naff, and the helpful park staff are marvellous.
      • For a naff makeover lifestyle show, there was something about it which was really rather heartwarming.
      • Of all his naff hairstyles, there was a general agreement this was the naffest.
      • He died his short hair black and it looked good, not naff.
      • I've done some pretty naff things over the years, in the name of my work and it paid off.
      • It's pretty naff, but as I missed it first time around I think it's my duty to sit through it twenty years on.
      • This may sound naff, but I hold it to my heart and tell her I love her.
      • Their monologues, pretentious, thick or plain naff, provide a sort of alternative history for the age of celebrity.
      • Ok, so stuffed eggs are a bit naff and seventies, but they still taste good!
      • I thought it would be naff, but wound up having a fabulous time.
      • This is a really naff thing you are forced to do in school.
      • And don't be too horrified at some of the naff singles I've ended up with over the years.
      • That said, the title track, first up on the album, sounds like a naff car commercial.
      • Just reading the tracklisting convinces you it's going to be naff.
      • It will instead become a source of genteel relaxation for the new middle classes, who find pub culture naff and club culture exhausting.
      • Here's an idea for them - I know it's naff but it would be fantastic.
      • However, while this sounds like a naff publicity seeking idea, we really rather like it.
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