Traducción de naff off en Español:

naff off

phrasal verb


  • 1

    naff off! ¡vete a la mierda! vulgar slang
    • So I'll naff off, and look like I'm doing something at work for once.
    • Let's face it, my killer clean cut looks are spoiled until these little horrors naff off.
    • They naff off and do their own thing for practically most of the story, only to turn up at the very end when it suits them.
    • That is when you naff off to the loos for a snooze (toilet roll makes for handy pillow) or dash to the shopping centre.
    • But I'm sure I'll bung some things on tomorrow before I naff off.
    • I know that a corporate did approach the Alliance many moons ago and request a wee policy change and was told to naff off.
    • Finally after two weeks of snottyness, the cold appears to have admitted defeat and naffed off back into the ether.
    • By that I mean that if you are favourable towards marriage and the two married people concerned are not married to each other, you can tell them to naff off.